Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Success on YOUR terms

Just got finished speaking at the Tuesday briefing here at HQ and am always so pumped up.

Every person in that packed room tonight has the potential to achieve their goals. There is not one person there who by the very decision they will make tonight, and the commitment to plug into the system we've created, can't succeed at a level that will give them everything they always wanted.

It's not about years of study or hours of contemplation - but a flash of a moment where they decide to turn things around, physically and financially.

Better health. Freedom from debt. For real -- not just some radio ad. When you combine the passionate desire society has to lose weight and get fit with an opportunity to earn income with products that are world famous, you have life-changing opportunity. That's what being a coach means.

Just like we created fitness and weight loss programs that walk you through a success system that are guaranteed to get you results, so will the Team Beachbody Network. Work it, and it works.

The world changes when YOU are in control of your circumstances. But nobody GIVES you control. You have to step up, and earn control. You have to step up and be in control. And stay after it, every day. That's how you succeed on your terms!


Coach Barbie, PhD said...

"Better health. Freedom from debt. For real--not just some radio ad."

Last night's meeting was awesome, Carl!! I could hardly sleep from the post-meeting excitement. Better health? Absolutely! I'm down 23 lbs and feel incredible. I am energy itself! Out of debt? YES! For the first time ever I am saving and actually PLANNING (that is, taking action) for my retirement. In fact, I am enjoying reading books on investing. That is a lifetime first for me!

I am living the DREAM and all because you provided platform and because I dared to say YES!!



Lucas said...

Hi, are there any coaching opportunities coming to Canada?
Thank you and keep on providing us with amazing beachbody products!!!!

Rose said...

Carl, please work on customer service. I have been waiting for my order for over a month, and each time I call I get a different response from customer service. I love BB products, but bases on the lack of service, I will probably never buy another product from BB.

Carl Daikeler said...

Hi Rose -- Sorry you're having problems like this. I'd like to help you but this is not the most efficient place for this kind of feedback (although I value it, and am very aggressive about making sure we follow up on these kinds of issues)

I would suggest asking for a manager the next time you call/ask, and if you get the run-around, ask for THEIR manager, and up and up until it makes sense. Eventually, I suppose you would get to me, and then I know I have real problems if no one could solve your problem in the chain of command.


teiko reindorf said...


I have been following Team Beach Body for some time and love the products that you produce. I have created a workout program for an untapped market that I feel would be a perfect addition to the Beach Body line, who can I contact to present it?


Rose said...

Thanks Carl for responding. I called customer service and was told that it will ship in two business days. I am excited to get my BB products.

Dennis said...

Hi Carl,
I just found your blog this morning and love it. The fact that you take time to share all this information on Beachbody with the world proves you care.
A few of my friends and I started 10 Minute Trainer after seeing Morgan Shepherd's crew endorsing it. We're seeing good results in just 4 weeks. I'm down 6 pounds!!!!! and my energy level is the highest its been in years,
thanks to you.