Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Little Help From My Friends

I spent the week on Twitter and Facebook learning from my "friends" how we can use these social networks to promote health and build the Beachbody coach business. Though I see what all the buzz is about, I definitely see the pitfalls.

These sites are like a party. The last thing you want to do is walk into a party and yell “I am here to sell you products!” That type of behavior isn’t accepted at a party, and I doubt it’s any different online.

In the pursuit of expanding our coach network, prospecting makes sense to me. But I don't think “broadcasting” sales messages via the social networks of friends is the best approach.

We established the Beachbody Network so when you get healthy results you could profit when someone notices and asks “Wow, what are you doing?” That’s how you turn your hard work and behavior change into revenue. You become the proof that it works!

That model translates well to social media like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, where friends connect, share updates, and care about each other. What the health crisis in our country needs is people helping people. So the best action to leverage social media is to share what you are doing to inspire others, to celebrate the success of your team, and to pay attention to what people are saying.

When you have results to report or a photo to post during your transformation, NOTHING will get people’s attention faster than saying "Check out my 90 days photos -- Unbelievable!"And that facilitates a two-way conversation. Social media and networking is about starting a conversation. It’s a dialogue. It’s the first time in the history of marketing where businesses big or small must get back to the basics of listening. Listening is what separates the good friends from the not so good. As I read in Stephen Baker's recent article in Business Week, the value of information within these social media networks has dropped to zero. What is valuable, is attention; getting it and giving it.

That's how network marketing beats mass marketing every time; People get to know each other, and help each other achieve their goals.That makes you a good friend, not the Internet’s version of a door-to-door salesman. When a friend of yours gets results they’ll want to share it with their immediate sphere of influence. And your business continues to grow because you added value to the equation. You didn't take - you gave a service.

And that friend to friend service is the point of this whole thing. People have proposed to me that they could explode our business by getting actor Ashton Kutcher to become a coach and leverage his visibility talking about P90X on Twitter. As exciting as it is when celebs buy our products and talk about them, we aren’t looking to simply make more sales through their endorsement. We want this movement toward a healthy lifestyle to transcend a cult of personality, so it gets woven into the very fabric of our culture again.It's not about Ashton. It's not about me. It's not about Tony, Chalene, Debbie or Shaun T. It's about you. It's about your friends. I want YOU to be the star of this success story. We want you to help people you are the closest to. We want it to be on a personal, human level.

It’s not about spamming. It’s about sharing, listening, acknowledging and helping.

I believe that approach will make you a valuable friend in the web 2.0 world, and that’s the kind of service to others that will build your personal network in a meaningful way. I'll see you on Twitter and Facebook, and let's keep this party growing!


Mike Bent said...

Hey Carl!

Right on! Your message couldn't be said any better!

My best to you and your family!

Mike Bent

Jay Garbarino said...

Way to BRING IT with the Articulation Carl. This is wells said and appreciated when it comes from the Top, Thanks

screwdestiny said...

Very good article. But, how would you entice your unhealthier friends/acquintances to buy these products if you're already in shape? See, I'm leaning toward wanting to become a BeachBody coach, but so often I read, "Once everyone sees the results you have, they'll want to know what you're doing!" But, I've always been healthy and fit. I've just now added Turbo Jam and Yoga Booty Ballet to my rotation of things that keep me fit. But the people I know just see me as a fit person, so it's not like a product caused an amazing transformation for me. So how would you (or anyone) suggest I get around this? I really would like to help other people get healthier.

Carl Daikeler said...

Dear Screwdestiny :)

You are in the best position to make something of this, because people already look to you for fitness advice/inspiration, etc. You are like a fitness celeb to those around you. You're the person people think of when they want to ask someone "how do I lose weight?" Which makes it a natural for you to refer them to something in which you believe. If that's the approach Beachbody recommends (exercise, good nutrition, peer support) then you point them to the sire, maybe suggest a product and Shakeology, and everybody wins.


screwdestiny said...

Thanks for the response, Carl. I guess I just figure that people will think it was something that came naturally to me and that they couldn't do it, but what you said is probably right. I'll definitely look into being a coach in the future.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Im like screwdestiny so thanks for the words of advice.

Commit To Get Fit said...

I've really tried to put out info on health and fitness and my followers are growing but my sales are not and I think part of it is I'm just starting to develop trust. Hopefully people are beginning to realize that I'm just not one of "Those" peeps trying to sell something but someone who really wants to motivate and make a difference! My point is that takes time and social networking is just like building friendships in the real world. You have to take the time and have the patience to let the relationships grow. My coach told me that I'm planting seeds and he's right. I've learned you have to have the patience to let the seed mature.

Bluesky said...

I agree with Commit To Get Fit. You need to build a relationship with people and inspire them. I just started, but I want to work out hard and get a good result first. I think that will bring some attentions.

Matthew Hillis said...

I like helping people and the fact I can make money at it makes it even better. I try to put helping others with questions way before trying to sell them on any products. I think the sales will be a natural by product of helping people with fitness questions. It is a personal journey that scares most and they are looking for a hand to hold along the way.

Joey said...

Amen Carl. You are 100% correct!!! I've recieved more friends, more customers, more coaches from my before and after photos compared to when I would put up a clip of P90X, 10 Minute Trainer or Hip Hop Abs. The only clip that has ever gotten any buzz as straight sales promotion is Insanity. Those have yet to turn into sales because it's not out yet and when I say buzz, 3 people emailed me asking for more information.

I'm no hot shot or pro at this coaching thing but the reason why I have acheived success (Diamond coach, half hay to 2-star, 28 Personally sponsored coaches) and will continue to have success is because I made my transformation, my fitness a priority. The business grew from there. Network Marketing people want a duplicatble system to grow this business. A DVD, a cd, whatever but some fail to recognize that the duplicatable system is P90X, Power 90, Hip Hops, Turbo Jam, Slim in 6 and many other Beachbody programs.

Decide to make your fitness a priority, Commit to achieving the results you want and Succeed with your business and your health.

I met Traci Morrow (my coaches coach) in 2007 at Tony Hortons NY fit camp. I became a coach on March 31, 2007 (3 months prior to meeting Traci) but had no idea I was doing or what this was all about. I put on smokers weight since my initial weight loss and weighed 205. I hated my job in pharmaceutical sales and was thinking about going back to school for Phys Ed. Traci informed and simply said there are people doing this coaching thing full time, quitting their jobs and building a lucrative in-home business. She continued to explain that if I wanted to pursue my dream and achieve freedom, it was through fitness and leading by example. Being a product of the product.

Came home from camp became familiar with Turbo Jam, the 300 Challenge started on August 3rd and in the first month I did the Turbo Jam Advanced rotation lost 11.5 lbs and in the 60 days following, I used P90X I got ripped and in Spartan form for Halloween.

Here's the kicker, in July Traci and I had my conversation, in September I achieved the rank of Emerald. A good friend noticed what I was doing, asked me how and he came on board. Then I sponsored my dad. I was emerald and it has snowballed since and it is snowballing for all my friends and customers who made the leap and became a coach, and committed to changing themselves along the way.

Give facebook, myspace, and twitter a break and go review Michi's Ladder or the meal plan, log into WOWY and then GO PUSH PLAY!!!


P.S. Tony Horton's camp has been the push I need to get my fitness and business in shape. Camp has nothing to do with the Business side but it really does. It shows you the importance of leading by example. I went to Tony's LV camp last July as emerald, same thing happened as before, 2 months later I was Diamond. Tony has a camp coming up in Omaha in July and another one in Philly in October. Beachbody is rolling out what they are calling the "Game Plan" and it conflicts with Tony's Camp in Philly. From my past experience, no offense Carl cause right now I do qualify for the "Game Plan", I'm choosing to attend Tony's Camp. To me it's what being a coach is all about, learning how to push yourself, challenge yourself, expand and grow with your fitness and develop as a leader. At least, that's what has happened for me. for more information.