Monday, June 08, 2009

The Half-Price Life Saver

Last week we dropped the price of Kathy Smith's Project YOU for Type 2, a resource created in conjunction with the American Diabetes Association, in an aggressive push to help people avoid diabetes or manage the disease.

Looks like people are getting on board in a big way! Online sales jump up ten times over the sales for the prior week. That's big.
This is the first-ever comprehensive approach to eating right and exercise for both pre-diabetics and people with diabetes. It is a 12-week approach to losing weight and turning things around, but the results can be life-long.

For anyone who faces that dreadful moment in a doctor's office when he says "you are pre-diabetic and need to make some changes" or worse, "you have diabetes," there becomes this vacuum of resources that are reliable and comprehensive.

Support groups abound, but a system that walks a person step-by-step through the lifestyle changes they could follow to make an enormous difference just never existed in one convenient place, until fitness icon Kathy Smith and former president of the ADA Dr. Francine Kaufman team up with the ADA to create this program. Beachbody wanted to support their vision aggressively, and the best way to do that was to make it more affordable with a 30 day money back guarantee. Now people can try it and see what needs to be done, and make the decision for themselves, "Am I worth it?"

And guess what: YOU ARE WORTH IT! And successful results are easier to achieve than you thought, when you have a system that works. "Project: YOU!" is the system. Now is the time.

Thanks to everyone for helping us get the word out about this special promotion, planned to stay valid through the end of July. If you know someone who's life is affected by diabetes, this is the time to take advantage of a great half price offer, and a great product that is literally saving lives!

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