Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HOOP, There It Is!

You want to know who's taking it to the nets in the Coaches Vs. Corporate Basketball Tournament at The Success Club Leadership conference in Dallas? Here's the roster:

It's gonna be a blast!

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Gilbert Nichols said...


I went to a Christian Men's fellowship this morning as I do every Wednesday morning, only this time I carried my new business cards featuring my before picture on one side and Power 90/Shakeology on the other. (see attached) Men would see my "before" picture, look at me and ask the same question as if they were reading it: "How did you do it?" I tell them to flip over the card and see the words "Shakeology" and "Power 90." Then I explain how I exercise, eat small meals, drink plenty of water and the pounds "melt off."

I received a new NLP word to replace an old, diet-endangering word. You know how we say, "I have lost X amount and/or I want to lose another X amount?" When you and I lose something, even if it is unwanted pounds, our subconscious mind had been programmed to "find what was lost." What I should be saying and will be saying from now on is that I am "getting rid of " the excess weight. When you get rid of the weight, you don't want it back. I got rid of 106 pounds and I'm continuing until I get rid of another 83 pounds.