Monday, September 13, 2010

What's Beachbody About?

This email was sent to all Beachbody employees. Whether you are already a coach, a customer considering it, or a person wondering what Beachbody is about, this is it:

Good morning Beachbody!

If you are wondering what the focus of all this work is, now is a good time to look at the mission statement as we push into a major phase of growth: Help People Achieve Their Goals to Lead Healthy Fulfilling Lives.

Our rapid growth is directly related to expanding the force of those focused on our mission.

We help people in many ways, but mostly it’s:
(1) providing products and peer-support that is helping people get healthy and fit
(2) providing products that are helping people achieve/maintain healthy skin without applying ingredients with serious health consequences
(3) providing a system by which we are helping people achieve financial independence
(4) providing a structure in which we are helping our fellow “Dudes” achieve their career goals (like by giving them candid and productive feedback in the 360 evaluations)
(5) taking action and giving money to help people in need get access to clean water, plus other “Beachbody Acts Of Kindness”

Right now we have 321 employees who are a thriving part of this force of People Helping People Achieve Their Goals to Lead Healthy Fulfilling Lives.

We have 31,178 coaches doing the same.

That makes a total of 31,499 People Helping People. Check that out!

My goal for our business is one million people helping 100 million people.
I will be providing updated totals weekly (at least).

I will also be refocusing much of my efforts on building those numbers specifically and directly. I will be revisiting objectives and investment in new initiatives based on how they contribute to that specific objective.

I look forward to you taking at look at your specific role within the company, and how you can manage your efforts to help us add and retain coaches as well.

A force of people-helping-people is a pretty exciting thing to build and be a part of. It’s not a slogan to me, this is for real. This is the basis for decisions I make for this company. I appreciate your initiative to improve everything we do, and your passion, enthusiasm, and common sense to make it a reality with real critical mass!



Tyler said...

Hey Carl

Can you give us any insight on when you believe the coaching program will be available in Canada?


Carl Daikeler said...

No update on timeline now. Working on it, but the hurdles with executing this opportunity with Shakeology to do the most good for people is not simple. I really do promise to announce it as soon as there can be a projection!

Brad Eickman / Bratler said...

Add two more to that total Carl. :) Awesome stuff! Thanks for what you do!

theJerm said...

I love your workout products and philosophy. I currently am a coach and order Shakeology and enjoy its benefits. I love that you have a clear vision of where you want Beachbody to go. You've put a number on it and outlined the purpose. You really are providing value to people in a tremendous way. I think some of what is missing really is just simplifying things and making the entry very simple to understand, one of which I will explain now.

You can ignore the first hald of this comment if a club membership is not required to be an Emerald coach or beyond. But if it is required currently, I think this will be a blocker to reaching the million coach mark.

For new coaches (like myself), I am wondering if it is really necessary for us to have a club membership to advance to Emerald and beyond. Shouldn't the club membership automatically be part of being a coach and not cost extra? An extra 'perk' if you will? I've seen some documents say you need the club membership and others not mention it - so there is some confusion for me.

The less information and signing up you have to do to be a coach, the better. I really believe less is more in this case. The coaching sign up process must be so simple that anyone can 'get it' and understand the requirements. For me, a big confidence booster would be knowing I don't need the club membership to be an Emerald coach and beyond. Right now I see that club membership as just extra fat that needs to be trimmed from coaching advancement.

That one issue aside, your vision and work is appreciated. Helping people lead healthy fulfilling lives is a benefit not just to them, but to our world as a whole.

A loydal customer and coach in the works :)

Jeremy Noel Johnson

Joe Oviedo said...

Count me in! I will love to help you on the mission of one million to 100. Please keep us posted on your plans to go international. I live in Mexico and we are # 2 on obesity, I am sure that the beachbody philosophy and programs  can make a difference here too. In the mean time I'll keep pushing play and I'll sure be ready when the time comes to make a difference in my country.


Joe Oviedo

BeachBody Coach: VirtueFit said...

I've said it once, I will say it again. Carl Daikeler is the 'bestest' CEO around. Consistent message since day one and actions that match that message. BRING IT! And I'm happy and proud to be a part of that number.

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

I know you will reach the goal :-)

Its just keeps growing and with good programs and nutrition advice I use the programs daily.

Push play, and share with everyone you know to do the same.

Paula Bassett said...

I am so thankful to be among all these wonderful people that are passionate about what they do. I am a Coach and have family in Mexico and like the post above mentioned, they are #2 in the WORLD in regards to Obesity! Gotta make that change. I am helping one person at a time achieve thier potential! Thanks Carl!