Thursday, October 14, 2010

Are You Preparing For The 2011 Wave?

It's October... what are YOU doing to build MOMENTUM for the last quarter of 2010 so you have a team ready to take advantage of the explosive wave of opportunity we expect in January 2011?

I was speaking with Craig Holiday about plans for 2011 and the topic of momentum came up. He mentioned that many people make the mistake of easing off the throttle during the last three months of the year. Kids go back to school, holidays abound and social obligations increase. Instead of seeing this as time to put your Coach business on hold, see it for what it really is; the mandatory time to build your team, to build momentum as you prepare for the biggest explosion of interest in our products ever!

This trend of obesity is a real disease, and it's only getting worse for the people you know. Likewise, unemployment is only creeping up. That means every social event is an opportunity to listen for openings where the topic of health, weight loss, fitness, and career come up. Are you listening?

Take advantage of every chance to share how this business opportunity can help people solve the problems THEY express. Craig told me has has been personally speaking with our 5-Star Diamond Coaches and above - the proven leaders in our business - and he said they are more amped than ever and they are really driving growth. They see this time for the golden opportunity it is and they are ready to take advantage of it!

"I'm putting it out there to my leaders to say 'Hey, here's what my work ethic is going to be and here's what I'm going to accomplish.' I post it and ask them to hold me accountable - then I ask them what they are going to do," Craig said. "I put it in the minds of my leaders that November and December are the best months for sponsorship. Around the holidays, people start thinking about being broke, about still paying off last Christmas. What better time to ask them how they want next year to be different? Then show them how they can make it a reality!"

Now is the time to make sure you and your team are positioned to ride the tsunami of demand that's coming in January. There's less than three months left in 2010, and 2011 is going to be even bigger. Don't let the chance to be prepared pass you by. Start driving the growth now so you can see tremendous Success Club PV growth at the start of the New Year!

The wave is coming...but you need to start paddling out NOW so you'll be ready to catch it!


Judi Finneran said...

As a former Real Estate Agent I learned to focus 90 days ahead. What you do today pays off in 90 days. Working through the holidays at my normal intensity was what ensured I made my goals every year and Beachbody is the same way. Two great new coaches and next week the biggest check in two years and flying to Dallas in the am. Thanks, Judi

kitkatbar said...

Two important things you bring to the table are creeping obesity and rising unemployment. I have two solutions to bring to the table as suggestions for consideration.

1. Obesity is a symptom of social inequality. As long as individuals live in poverty, they have limited access to resources that bring about wellness. I am offering a free motivational video each week via youtube in the very near future that your coaches can utilize and paraphrase as an intervention strategy at getting people off the couch.

2. The rising unemployment rate is a great opportunity to capture the market of individuals that have found themselves with time on their hands. I gave an example dialogue on your wall posts regarding the opportunity to draw in the collective power of new coaches further spreading the vision of wellness. I posted a video / song to drive the message home to really have an emotional element. The emotional element is key to motivation. I hope this helps to build momentum as BB signs on new coaches and has them trained for the new quarter! Kate Greene