Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekly WOWY Winners: Trick AND Treat

Do you want to earn cash & prizes for getting fit and staying consistent? Well, you can with the WOWY Trick AND Treat! The TRICK is to log into WOWY every day. The TREAT comes in the form of your fitness results...and the awesome prizes you can win! Just ask this week's WOWY winners...

10/17 Michele Maxwell won $300

10/18 Robert Barber won $1,000

10/19 Michael Stotts won $300

10/20 Amy Haab won $300

10/21 Becky Phillips won $300

10/22 Derek Davis won a Samsung digital camera

10/23 Cassandra Deguc won a Samsung digital camera

These people signed into the WOWY Super Gym to lose weight, get fit and find support - and they won big for doing it! If you want a change at the loot, you've gotta log into WOWY to be in the game!

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