Sunday, October 17, 2010

Body Gospel Brings It In Dallas!

Greetings from Dallas!

Donna Richardson Joyner ran a great workout this morning for the leaders who came to the Dallas Leadership Event. For many who misunderstood what BodyGospel was about, now they see how good this program can make you feel. She made it an amazing and inspirational morning.

Then Donna and Tony met in the lobby and spoke about how each of them are building interest in Beachbody throughout the government, military, and White House. With Tony making his (and our) presence known on Capitol Hill and Donna being appointed to the President's Council On Fitness, Sports and Nutrition, Team Beachbody is making great things happen to end the trend of obesity!

I am so proud to work with these two!

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kitkatbar said...

I appreciate the opportunity to share my viewpoints on your blog. I look forward to having a wonderful relationship with your company. I personally would love to work within your corporate team as I share the same visionary concepts towards overall wellness, but understand that I must demonstrate a commitment that I desire to work together for the greater good by putting myself out there for others to see me at face value. Thank you for your vision, and I hope to help you develop it further to bring overall wellness to our nation! Kate Greene