Friday, October 08, 2010

Shakeology, You've Done It Again!

I got this note from RainCatcher's founder Jack Rose while he was on a trip to Haiti.

I am so proud of the work this organization is doing to install sustainable water sources where they are desperately needed. And I always get a kick out of the reactions people give us when someone experiences the real value of nutrition when they hardly expect it. Shakeology, you've done it again!

Carl and Isabelle,

It's the morning of my big meeting with William Gardner
head of CRV- Haiti (Community Violence Reduction - United Nations)This is the main reason for my current trip to Haiti.

My driver is late and I'm waiting and fuming. It's about 11:00am and I haven't had time to even think about nutrition (typical).

Somehow I have a brainstorm and dig a packet of Shakeology out of my nap sack and pour it into a bottle of Oregon Rainwater I happened to have with me.
I shake it all up, devour it, and my driver finally shows up.

On the way down the mountain, during my ride to the UN Delta Base at the American Embassy, I can feel my whole body, mind and emotions change (for the better). I never yelled at Jean Pierre & Gino for being late.Instead I calmed down and experienced an amazing state of peace.(Is this what real nutrition feels like ?)

Although I arrived at the meeting a half hour late, I felt an amazing degree of confidence and love.
The result: a million dollar deal to bring our clean-water systems to a half million people. These are the forgotten ones, the poorest of the poor in Port-au-Prince.

My goal is 'Water for Everyone' - method is sharing.

You two sharing Shakeology is very much appreciated,


To help RainCatcher achieve their mission of water for everyone, become a Team Beachbody Coach and not only will you be in a position to help people get healthy and fit, but we will donate $5 to RainCatcher for every active coach as of Dec. 31st 2010. Or you can give directly right now at


Allan said...


I'd love to become a BB Coach. I have my money ready to hand over, but you won't accept Canadians.

Why no Canadian love? I'm happily handing over my money for P90X, Shakeology etc. Been turning some people on to Beach Body, but I can't reap the rewards from them

Manny said...

I love Shakeology! I'm waiting for my next delivery and really feel lost without it! My body may not be too happy with me today and tomorrow.

Jodi Greene said...

Beachbody is working on opening the coaching opportunity up to both Mexico and Canada with Europe not far behind! Keep the faith Allan... it will open up very soon! I'm waiting, too, as I have over a half dozen friends in Canada just waiting to join my team! :)

Mark Dacoron said...

Beachbody is doing wonderful things for the rest of the world. Keep it up Carl!