Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ava's Sick Day

For any parents faced with sick days, I figured I'd share my recent experience... For the first time, I was the one who stayed home for two days to care for Ava since she was running a fever.

In order to avoid a habit of "my throat hurts" to score another day off, I decided to add some structure to the healing, including medicine. We made the following schedule, and she actually got into tracking her progress hour by hour... If she protested the medicine, the TV went off, the lights went out, and it was hardcore bed healing. She took the medicine. And it looks like she's ready for school tomorrow.
(Next time, I'll add "Do Daddy's Taxes" to the list.)

9 AM
Vitamin C
2 Prunes
Glass of water

Vitamin C
Pineapple bowl
Spoon of medicine
Glass of Water
Math practice

12:30 Lunch
Scrambled eggs
Glass of Water

Read outside in sunshine - Vitamin D
Complete 3 book reports for school

2 PM
Vitamin C
1 prune, 1 plum
Glass of water

Vitamin C
Snack - Sprouted Pumpkin Seeds
Glass of Water
Practice sight words

Glass of Water

20 minute hot bath
Spoonful of medicine
Vitamin C
1 Prune

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Critter said...

I will have to file that method away for future need. Just to keep the boy from enjoying being home /too/ much.