Thursday, March 15, 2007

Debbie Siebers and Ford Challenge Commercial

Long story; Tony Horton was called into audition for a Ford commercial that needed two fitness trainers. Becuase he's a super nice guy, he gave me the information so we could see if Debbie Siebers could give it a try too. The project was on a tight timeline.

They auditioned and BOTH got "called back" for last looks. Unfortunately, though, when they called Tony, was at our office outlining new videos in a marathon meeting and his cell phone was off. Sooo, Debbie got the gig, and good guy super Trainer Horton missed the call.

Bottom line though, Tony congratulated Debbie, continues to work on some new videos and the revised Power 90 infomercial, and here are the spots with Debbie.

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