Friday, March 02, 2007

P90X Ch 7. Daytime Blonde Batgirl

Dreya Webber is a gymanst/fitness superstar with the most intense core and abs you've ever seen. Many of the moves Tony learned in this visit made it to the P90X Core Synergistic routine (except for twirling down a piece of fabric, hurtling toward your death). Core Synergistics is probably my alltime favorite workout we've created to date. It's the kind of routine that you can feel everything working together. If you like to FEEL that you not only worked out when your done, but that you tortured the fat off your body - this is for you.


Anonymous said...

that's hilarious....Tony & Dreya crack me up! can't wait to get P90X!!!

stephanie aka stufawen

Anonymous said...

Oh yes! I love Core Synergystics too! I feel SOOO good afterwards!

Judy (aka cani)

Anonymous said...

Dreya is my shero!!!

I am so glad I woke up early that morning to see the informercial about P90X. From that moment on I am an official X ER!!