Monday, March 05, 2007

My Kite Tube Crash

While I am progessing through the Beachbod-a-thon, doing each one of our videos until I've done them all, I wanted to share why I haven't been as consistent this year as prior years (until now): The Kite Tube Crash. My knees, ankles, and shoulders have not 100% since July, but I am hoping by this May, with the help off our DVD's and the MDB community, I'll get my body and full mobility back! This is what I mean by "life happens". You never know what could take your great transformation results and challenge you all over again. Trauma, for instance, can set off a set back. The key is, when you are ready, get back at it, and slowly, gradually, and in a healthy way - bring yourself back!


Anonymous said...

OUCH!!! It's always fun till someone gets hurt. :-)

How is the Beachbod-a-thon going for you Carl?

Stephanie aka stufawen

traci morrow said...

OH MY GOSH, I completely stopped breathing when you went up in the air anticipating the drop. Its a MIRACLE you're ok. WOW.

If I were there in person, I would have been FREAKING out.

But cool that it was on film since you lived. :)

Its the mom in me. Scary stuff.

Virginia said...

Egads Carl! That hurt just watching it... don't ever do that again!

Phyllis said...

Dang Carl!! So glad you are alright. Question... why didn't the person driving the boat slow down???

Carl Daikeler said...

Younger brothers enjoy it when older brothers flail at their mercy.