Thursday, March 08, 2007

Week one... just a dent

Now I understand what marathon runners feel when they finish the first mile of a race, and realize that they barely got started. Week one of the my Beachbod-a-thon is in complete. I am looking at the list and wondering if I will ever make it through this list!

The best part is, this is going to stay very interesting as every title is so different it's really interesting to experience the trainers juxtaposed like this. The difference between how Chalene, Debbie, and Kathy punch, is radical. But I am sweating nonetheless and it's a good time.

Some highlights:

Ho Ala Ke Kino; Harder than I remembered it. I am not a big yoga nut, but this light dose was a good wake up.

Great Abs Guaranteed; I don't think Tony has aged in 8 years. It's still a great abs routine in 7 mins.

Power 90 Sculpt 1-2; It's really a classic. Get it's done with no razzle dazzle. Makes sense that the workout I had the most say in helping develop would fit me so well.

Yoga Booty Ballet Rehearsal; Not sure how this program is going to translate to me, but it will be funny! This was just a primer.

Slim in 6 Start It Up; Debbie really does a greta job, and it was fun to see my buddy Stef working out back there. Lotta squats. And my hip flexors were like "hey, what's this about?"

Turbo Jam Learn and Burn; "La-la-la Ladies..." Everybody raves about Chalene - all over the boards, and MySpace and everywhere. Guess what? They are hardly scratching the surface of how talented she is. She's the real deal. The first person that made this kind of dance/kick routine fun and clear for me. Honestly - if you work out in your home, this is a must-have. She is an absolutel pro at this art form, and I am prouder than ever that she is on the Beachbody team.

Kathy Smith's Project: YOU Foundation; I can see why Kathy has sold so many videos. Great cueing, easy moves. Step step kick. done.

Friday morning at 6Am it's Great Arms Guaranteed. I'll be "off the grid" for a few days of travel, but will still get a few titles in Sat, Sun and Mon. Updates (and video) to follow!

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Barbara said...

Carl, I always enjoy reading your blog. I have P90X, truthfully that I use as a backup when my trainer, etc. can't meet with me. A fellow runner of mine is doing Slim in 6 as her cross-training as well.

I ran a marathon in January; one thing to keep in mind is a lot of people train 3-6 months (sometimes more) to get ready for that one day of 26.2 miles. So hang in there! The fact that you're doing all that in a much shorter period of time is great!