Saturday, May 05, 2007

Drive for 500 peaks at 522!

WOWY -- did you guys show up this morning! (And wow, did you guys crash the server by showing up!) Response to the Million Dollar Body Drive for 500 was so strong, and so focused, that even our most cautious defensive technology plan got clogged with the traffic!

That means there's something even more exciting than we thought looming right around the corner from our upcoming technology upgrade. We will meet next week to analyze the numbers, but one thing is clear - when the Million Dollar Body community gets motivated to send a message that it's time to get active, the community shows up!

Thanks to everyone who logged in. Sorry if the website did not return the data to show you totals as they grew between 7 and 8, but know that you got a great workout, and we did capture all the entries. We will announce the $500 winner a little later!


Virginia said...

LOL When you meet with the tech guys tell them I said "Fix the thing that didn't register our workouts!" When I checked back to see the final number I had that horrible "Your last Success Buddies workout was missed." PHOOEY! :) If I'm dragging my buns out of bed at 5AM I don't want the red letters saying I wasn't there. Makes me snarl at my computer screen LOL

Anonymous said...

okay so where are the winners for the big Drive for 500! I keep lookin' & don't see 'em???

Carl Daikeler said...

We do have a winner, and I am told they are posting her name in WOWY today! (But really, everyone who worked out is a winner!)

Anonymous said...

it was awesome being part of the big wowy day - even if I got kicked out & never got back in. It was still fun - we need to do it again! :)