Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Three Keys

Being an MDB Coach can mean thousands of dollars a month if you approach it with the three keys. It will truly transform how present the concept of living a healthy lifestyle is in your own mind, because you will talk about and think about your own habits more. And you will help others be conscious of theirs. And that means you will succeed, and they will succeed.

There are three keys to being a great coach. Three keys attached to a circular ring.

Coaching in this network is not about talking up a way of getting rich quick or getting in “on the ground floor” of this new idea. This is about (1) caring enough about your own health that you surround yourself with like-minded people, and then (2) caring enough about helping those people achieve their goals that you actually (3) help them lead a more fulfilling, healthy life.

But it starts with (1) you.

After you say hi to someone and ask them how they are, they ask you how you are. As a coach, you answer, (1) including how your fitness and eating is going. Sure they might be taken aback for a second. But the healthy conversation has now started, and weight loss is no longer a silent expanding social problem. You showed them it's important to be conscious of your habits, and you are living it (even if your response is "I am frustrated because I missed my workout two days in a row"). Then it’s about them. (2) How are they doing with their lifestyle of activity and proper diet? You are now supporting them, but the dialogue is about health.

And only after the first two keys is it about (3) how the income potential can help you stay committed to your goals and further motivate others to get healthy and spread the word.

The thee keys are on a never ending loop. It stops cold with the people you are supporting if you aren’t sharing your process. That doesn't mean you have to be perfect in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, just that you share truthfully where you are. The first key.

Here's mine:
1) My food intake is more consistently healthy than my exercise now, but I’m not too bad. I am gradually working through my Beachbod-a-thon. I am doing a different Beachbody workout with each session, usually at 6AM PT, until I’ve done them all. Today I did Power Half Hour Bun Shaper. As for diet, I am consistently eating five times a day, and pretty balanced too. As for supplements, I take my vitamins and my healthy fats every day. My weight is a fairly lean 152, a little lighter than I like because I need to add some muscle.

Just saying that makes my process present for me. Now that I've typed that (or said it) my decisions throughout the day will be that much closer to my goal, because I am conscious of my behavior.

(2) What are you doing? Is there an excuse that is getting in the way of looking and feeling great? If so, talk to your coach and explore it. Usually it’s "no time", which is why Fast 10 is an important program to have in your catalog. Everyone has ten minutes. If food is the problem, try changing that now, even if the goal is for today only. Go for a good day at the top of Michi’s Ladder. Pay attention to how you feel. And take your vitamins! Take your measurements, take your photos, and stay current with yourself. Talk about it!

(3) If you don’t feel a consistent burning drive to make these changes – how about the prospect of making some money for being the poster child for overcoming those excuses? Ask any of our success story winners who are also coaches, and they will all tell you that plenty of friends and neighbors have purchased programs and transformed their bodies primarily because off their success. That’s money YOU earn for being a part of the solution. And when you see how good it feels to get that check each week, just for telling people how you’re getting fit and helping them overcome their excuses, you’ll see others wanting to be coaches with you. And then the business, and the healthy revolution grows.

Our most successful coaches are the ones who are (1) sharing their progress with people – both the good and the bad of it – and (2) supporting others to share their progress, and (3) encouraging people to get on board to recruit others to be more conscious of their habits (1) and support others to do the same(2).

Some people have wondered if being a coach meant you have to be a fitness or diet expert. ABSOLUTELY NOT! In fact, the last thing we want coaches to do is give diet and training guidance unless appropriately certified. A coach merely checks in with the individuals on his team: (1) Share your story, (2) Get their stories and point them in the direction of resources at the MDB Club to get solutions to hurdles in the way of their success, and (3) to those that could use the money motivation to transform their body and life, see if they will help support and recruit people by living #1 and #2 above with you.

That's what is also great about the Million Dollar Body Game -- it too has roots in the Three Keys. (1) You update your story and photos (2) You see how other people are doing on their quest to live a healthy active lifestyle, and (3) you can show others the game, and encourage them to engage in their health and enter the game as well. A never ending loop, present in everything MDB is about.

Right now we have over 170,000 members of WOWY and 100,000 MDB club members; and just over 1,000 coaches. That’s 1,000 club members to a coach! And we’re adding over 15,000 new members a week! If you are looking for an opportunity to help people and get paid for it, this is it!

(1) Talking about my health and fitness helps my habits have a constant “share of mind”. (2) Hearing how you are doing gives me the opportunity to help you overcome your obstacles. I LOVE THOSE CONVERSATIONS! (3) And when it turns to the value of being a coach, there is nothing I am more excited about in our business than spreading our enthusiasm for how good it feels, from friend to friend.

That’s health!

(1) How am I doing?

(2) How are you doing?

(3) How about earning money living #1 and #2?

If you can do #1 and #2, plus you think doing that will help keep you accountable to losing weight and getting healthy, you’re ready to be a coach. Sign up, and do it with me!

And anyone who wonders if what you are doing is for real, show them this blog entry or just tell them about the Three Keys. This is what MDB is about!


Shawna said...

Thought you might find it interesting to know that P90X is coming up on the Runner's World boards. :-) True market penetration.

Anonymous said...

Hey Carl!
Well said.
At our MDB opportunity meetings, we cover the basics from fitness to the business opp..but after the meeting people start to share their stories and I just leave the meetings so inspired by people who are starting their journey into a healthier lifestyle. Can't put words to how cool this is...every part of it.
Anne Dovel