Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Take It To The Dance Floor

As Hip Hop Abs continues its reign as the number one infomercial on TV, I wanted to give you a peek at one of the bonus features on the DVD's. Shaun T is a professional dance instructor as well as fitness trainer, so we shot some pure dance instruction and added them as a bonus chapter to the workout routines. Check it out -- AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO LOG YOUR WORKOUT IN WOWY SATURDAY AT 10AM ET FOR A CHANCE TO WIN $500 IN OUR DRIVE FOR 500 ON 5/5! OK.. commercial is over - time to push play!


Mae said...

this is OT i know, but i just came across this- you were adorable!

Anonymous said...

Carl Daikeler as Friedrich! How cute! (be sure to type in html at the end of that link) the yodeling makes sense, Carl! (hee hee) Thanks for sharing Mae!

Lori J