Wednesday, May 30, 2007

P90X Plus Podcast Episode

How cool is this? Perry Tinsley is an incredible P90X Success Story. he is also a Million Dollar Body Coach and a video producer. he's taking coaching and motivating people to a new level on YouTube. I love it when people make my job easy... Check him out!


Mike C said...

Thanks for the video, Perry. I am 37 and doing P90X now with my wife (36) and it's kicking our butts every day and we love it. We are not P90 graduates but we're not like Couch Potato Dan either. I have stopped consuming over 240 grams of carbs from soda a day and I'm following the portions diet. My biggest motivator is my daughter, who had a liver transplant in 2005. I was selected as a perfect match to donate half my liver to her, but the doctors said I had a bit much fat to be the perfect donor, so they made her wait longer, for a fitter donor. One of my foremost goals with P90X is to be a lean mean machine and be able to step up to the plate for my daughter if she needs it again (it happens). I can do it for her, and I can do it for me, and I am know P90X is the means. Thanks again, Mike in Alaska

Perry Tinsley said...

Hi Carl, wow...thanks for the shout out! Yep, posted a sample of my P90X Plus Podcast on You Tube! Always fun to try and babble my way thru a topic! And as for Couch Potato Dan....I think I may have convinced him to try Power 90 this summer!

Mike! I have been checking out you and your wife's progress. I'm kind of jealous and VERY IMPRESSED with how you two are blowing this thing out of the water! AMAZING. It's people like you that inspire me to keep at it!!


Anonymous said...

Very Cool Perry! I liked the demo of all the pushups. Phyllis and I are going to start a round of the X on the 16th. I haven't done a full round since the origional P90Xployers. I remember all the fun we had on the boards waiting for the FedEx guy to deliver. I miss our lunch workouts but seems that I just do better in the evenings these days and I am happy when I get to see your smiling face. You look awesome and I am sure will have HUGE success with you MDB business. Congrats!! See ya in WOWY!