Tuesday, May 22, 2007

How to Lose 280 lbs

Million Dollar Body is one step closer to being the center of the weight loss revolution - not by simply being the source for dramatic weight loss strategies and programs that combine great fitness programs and simple eating guidelines, but for also being the gathering place for people who want to celebrate their success and maintain their healthy lifestyle.

I got the letter below from Martha, a customer coached by Lisa Decker-Griffith. Martha blew the room away with her tale of losing over 280 lbs! (I wasn't there, but I had to email her and congratulate her for proving that it's not as much about how you lose the weight as it is your commitment, perspective, and support around you.) She gave me permission to post her email, as I suspect there are many readers who will be as inspired by her story as I am.

This is the kind of spirit that we are celebrating at Million Dollar Body, and with the help of coaches like Lisa and her husband Tom, and committed customers like Martha, I hope the trend continues!

Dear Carl,

Ok, now I am awe-struck. Thank you so much for your email! It is exactly this type of encouragement that is helping me to succeed. I guess I don't really find my story all that amazing, but when I hear from people like you it makes me think again! Since you said these kinds of stories really make your day, I thought I would give you the full scoop on my story.

As you already know, I lost most of my weight prior to finding the million dollar
body programs. But I could not have continued without it!

My weight has been a struggle since I was very very young. I have ALWAYS been called fat. Not plump, but FAT. I can't tell you how many times growing up that I would end up in my room crying because of it. At my heaviest point I was indeed 423 pounds. But believe it or not, other than being fat I was healthy. My doctor would tell me that I needed to lose weight but in the next sentence tell me "I was the healthiest fat person he knew!" (not very motivating to start losing weight).

I am a single mom and I have raised 3 wonderful boys by myself. I have always worked a full time job outside of the home, and never had time or made time for myself. So when I moved my family to Oregon 13 years ago to start a new life, I was bound and determined to lose weight. And I couldn't do it. I couldn't break the cycle of self abuse. I tried, I really tried. Then one day I decided to hell with it. I would just stay fat and die fat. I figured that was just how it was going to be and there was nothing I could do to change it. I also decided that diet was a four letter word in my house and would get extremely upset if anyone said anything about eating healthy.

Well, guess what? That attitude is what really changed my life. I was no longer
preoccupied by diets, my focus was no longer on food, and therefore it wasn't
important. And I started to lose weight. I started eating breakfast (no surprise to you that I wasn't eating it before) and I started to drink lots and lots of water! (and I do mean lots!) Then I started thinking. I would eat a fatty meal (ie a hamburger) and drink a COLD glass of water with my meal. While I was sitting at the table eating my hamburger a thought crossed my mind. Why do I drink a COLD glass of water? Look what happens to the fat in the pan when it gets cold? It solidifies. ewww. Is that what happens in my stomach? So I quit drinking the really cold water and started with room temperature water. I buy bottled water and I do NOT put it in the fridge. With this combination of new thinking, eating breakfast, and not drinking the cold beverages, I started losing weight. I lost the bulk of my weight over about a 10 year period.

Then last year, my Son was getting ready to leave for the Marines, he was devastated! He was told he was fat, and needed to lose about 30 pounds. I felt really bad for him. So I decided that if he could do it so could I. I wanted him to hold his head up at his graduation and not have people say to him "no wonder your fat, look at your mom!' So I really started concentrating on losing the weight and I started to cut down even more on my intake. So in August of 2006 I weighed 236 pounds. By the time I went to my sons graduation in November I had dropped to about 185, By the time he came home for Christmas? I was down to 177. (That was when I joined the MDB team and started on the Power 90).

Guess what? Thanks to MDB and all of the support from REAL people, I can now exercise, I am actually starting to lose inches, and I am now down to 144 pounds. (lol, so I guess that means I have topped the 280 mark!)

So when you tell me that you are awe struck? So am I. I joined MDB because of the support network. I am staying because of the support network. And I am Loving it! I sincerely hope that I can be an inspiration to others just as MDB in an inspiration to me. I want everyone to know that truly, if I can do it? Anyone can!

I hope this wasn't more information that what you wanted, but I felt compelled to share. Thank you, Carl, for creating a wonderful company that people like me can believe in. It really does restore my faith in mankind.

God Bless!



Lisa Decker Griffith said...

Hi Carl,
This is Lisa Decker Griffith. I may have been the one who gave you Martha's info, but I am just the very proud coach. It was Martha Miller who achieved the huge accomplishment of losing all the weight. I just want to make sure the honor goes to the right person. She deserves it! Thank you for sharing her story.

tquiose said...


I wish I could get people to understand the power of the MDB message boards! I bought my first Beachbody workout last April, TurboJam, and joined MDB but didn't get on the boards or wowy untill I started a round of Slim in 6 in August of last year.

I was lucky enough to stumble onto Moviefan's (Bryan) thread, he is one of your February winners in the Million Dollar Body Game. From his thread I found MelanieB's (or psychknife as she was known then) thread. Mel is also a February Winner. These two great people have been there for me everyday since then! I know I have could not have been as successful as I've been with out them!

Your right about Beachbody/MDB being a true community. Looking back if I had been brave enough to check out the boards, lurking at frist then posting, then finding great people who have thier own truely remarkable transformation stories, I would have been more successful sooner!

My point is with out Mel and Bryan I would not have the courage to sign up for Tony's New York camp this summer. I just mailed off my check to Traci and Mel, Bryan and I will be driving up together.

Chelle (tquiose)