Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10,000 Coaches and counting!

We have reached a very significant milestone: Yesterday we recruited the 10,000 coach in the Beachbody Coach Network! Congratulations to all our coaches who are driving this initiative forward, and capitalizing on the incredible demand for helping people make health and fitness a priority.

My goal is to build a network of one million coaches within five years. We needed to get to 10,000 first - and here we are ahead of schedule!

But this no time to sit back and celebrate, it's time to "hammer down". Monday the 18th starts “Every Body Gets One Week”, where we're asking every coach to reach out aggressively and do what it takes to recruit one coach that week. And if we recruit over 1,000 coaches by the 24th, every coach who participated by bringing in a coach will have a chance to come with us on the Top Coach trip to Mexico to the Riviera Maya next March. And if you recruit a coach and one of YOUR personally sponsored coaches wins that trip, you will be invited on the trip as well. (That means to have the best chance to win you want to do two things: (1) Make sure you recruit a new coach the week of the 18th, (2) motivate all your personally sponsored coaches to recruit at least one coach next week.

And in the spirit of "Every Body Gets One" week, I will be hand signing this certificate of achievement to everyone who supports this promotion by bringing in a coach between the 18th and 24th.

So let's take a moment, feel good about hitting this big 10,000-coach milestone, and then it’s back to work to push toward "Every body gets one" the week of the 18th!

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Joey said...

That's awesome!!! 11,000 here we come!!