Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beachbody Beijing

I'm away from the office for the week. But if you want to see what some of the rest of the team is up to, you gotta track fitness guru Steve Edwards and co-founder Jon Congdon as they work the Olympics with some vendors and see what sort of talent is looking for the best in fitness programs.

The commentary is memorable. Check it out!


Anonymous said...


It would be nice if you offered refresher pages for keeping you stats somewhere on million dollar body.

I used all mine during P90X without making copies. I could make my own but thought I would be able to find it somewhere on the site but can not.

Am I looking in the wrong places.

Just a suggestion.

Wudpkr said...

Actually if you log into and click on "Exercise & Fitness" and look to the bottom of that page you will see the downloadable worksheets....

Anonymous said...

I will have to agree, I finally did a search for the worksheets. The issue with the previous and me is we did not pay the extra to join Team Beach Body, so when we went to each site listed in the P90x Book to retrieve these worksheets, IMPOSSIBLE! At any rate P90X is the BEST at home work out with BIG results. Thanks guys for what you have made.