Sunday, August 17, 2008

Everybody Gets One!

This is the week for bringing in more people to help us get the word out about the revolutionary system of health and fitness that is Beachbody. If you're a coach, it's time to mobilize -- EVERY COACH BRINGS IN ONE COACH!

My motivation this week to spread the word is more intense than ever... I spent the weekend learning how to surf with a friend from college and his family. All I can say is - "THANK YOU TEAM BEACHBODY!" If it weren't for Beachbody and the people who help keep us all motivated to do the hard thing of pushing play, no way would I have been able to not only learn how to ride the waves, but catch 14 of them in a day! More than that though -- as sore as I was the day after, I would have been a complete dish rag if my body didn't have a foundation of fitness first.

Life is so much more amazing when you try new stuff. Sure TV can be very entertaining, and there is always something tasty waiting to be eaten. But when something new and incredible like riding a wave or boogie boarding with my daughter presents itself, having the fitness to enjoy it for five solid hours is worth every WOWY workout, every disciplined food choice.

I know many of you coaches get what I am talking about. And that's why I hope you turn up the heat this week, and help someone you know get into this too! The Beachbody Revolution starts now. We need you to find someone who has the drive to spread the word with us this week! And there's a trip to Mexico up for grabs if we hit our numbers! (See below)

Let's do this, and let's spread the word that there's a lot to life if you have the health and fitness to enjoy it!

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Clarissa said...

Hey Carl!

So very, very excited about this week! I am IN IT to WIN IT!! Let's do it BIG!!! :)

Clarissa (misscmac)