Monday, August 18, 2008

Manic Monday and Super Tuesday

Wow! Once again I am blown away at the energy and passion of our coaches. I feel like I am sitting on a powder keg watching the fuse burn away as it approaches the barrel and this baby is about to explode! "5...4...3...2..."

"Everybody Gets One" kicked off with calls all day Monday and most of Tuesday.
We got started a little after 8AM when Milan Jensen brought in Marvin, who used to love fitness, fell off, and then five years ago decided to get back into shape with kickboxing and martial arts. He started coaching people, became and instructor, and then found P90X. Marvin is helping celebrities and the regular Joe alike, considering now making fitness and health his life’s work as a coach.

Richard Dafter brought along super star Mike Bent and his fiancee Ronda, and Brian. We talked about how great this opportunity is for students. Richard, a single father, loves how this is a great opportunity to give him flexibility to earn an income and still spend time with his young kids.

Dee McClanton is determined to help motivate people as she is on her way to both losing over 120 lbs and making the coach opportunity her way to build the family income. She knows her “why” and is determined to make this healthy business a success!

Tammie Fitzgerald and Clarissa (missmac) had a great call where we talked about the importance of not “selling” but instead finding out what a person wants to achieve. Selling “fitness and healthy eating” is an uphill battle. But when you simply talk to people about what they want to achieve, there is a way to get them to WANT to participate. It's not about the product or the program, it's about having a life you love to live!

Anne Anderson and I talked about motivation. The tough part of being a coach is being misunderstood, where some people just don’t get the vision. That’s when we discussed how when you transform your body, everyone around you wants to know how you did it. When they find out it was with a fitness and eating plan that cost less than $200, they’ll want to do it to. If that results in sales, don’t you deserve your share of the income? We think you do, and that’s we launched this network; to give the people who do the hard work of pursuing fitness and health the reward for inspiring others.

Steve Thorson is fired up about the program, and brought John, a “Chicago” fan from Virginia Beach on the line to get a bunch on board during the “Everybody Gets One Week.” These guys are getting out there to spread the word, and getting themselves in position to make big things happen when the concept of the Beachbody Revolution reaches its tipping point. Beachbody customer complaints about fitness disappear when people see the kind of results they can get with these programs in a matter of weeks and for less than the price of a couple personal training sessions.

Kristy McLean is all about turning her $10,000 prize into a groundswell of enthusiasm for results and opportunity. She gets it that success sells, and whenever one of her contacts buys a Beachbody program, she knows that will inspire tens if not hundreds more to do what it takes to enjoy an energetic and healthy life.

Mary is a new coach in Georgia under powerhouses Linda and Vince. Mary is already ready to “get one” this week, which I appreciate so much! And since the southeast of the US needs this program the most statistically, coaches like Mary will be key to turning things around. No one said it would be easy, but when it happens, it’s going to be big!

Mike Bent, Wayne brought on four prospects Melissa, Whitney, and Robert and John. They simply get it. These are busy people, who like the idea of helping people. I love that. These are the kind of people who will continue the solid foundation of “people helping people” that launched the Beachbody coach network.

Suzy Stauffer brought YMCA trainer Johnny to a call. Here’s a guy who is already helping people get fit and healthy, and now he has the chance of turning it into a real cash-flow generator by scaling his business into something that doesn’t limit his income by the hours he works. Instead, his income is only limited by the people he helps.

Sharon Walker in Austin is working on bringing the owner of a country club in Austin that has a huge fitness program into the fold. They are looking at incorporating what we do into their club to expand their influence outside of their geographic audience and giving their internal trainers an additional source of revenue.

Jared Keo called to get questions answered. In week 10 of P90X, he’s getting noticed by personal trainers who are learning from him that it’s less productive counting reps for a few clients a day than it is to help hundreds of customers by motivating them to use proven Beachbody programs that work in the comfort of your own home!

Chris was invited to the call by Howard Garcia. Timing matters to Chris, but he is determined to get to the top of the compensation plan if he gets involved. Both these guys see how marketing a product that helps people like fitness and portion control can have a dramatic, if not game-changing potential (and the customer-lead program doesn’t hurt in the process!)

Kim Hopkins has been in network marketing, and been hesitant to talk about this opportunity with friends and family. She got fired up along with her friend Della, both nurses, who now see that for the first time, they can get compensated based on how many people they help a week, versus how many hours they worked.

A solid contingent from Las Vegas got on the phone both the remember the great work Tom Harper did for Team Beachbody, and to look for ways to recapture their enthusiasm. One thing I know is, Tom was about going for it with absolute enthusiasm to help people and make things happen. I could sense that Denise, Paula, Larry and Juan have what it takes to get friends, and friends of friends to tap into this healthy lifestyle. Now is the time. You have incredible potential to help so many people and enjoy the rewards of an incredible organizational position as we battle our way to the tipping point. Don’t squander this guys, Tom would expect more from everyone – so now is the time to ramp it up!

Annie and Carrie braved the traffic in Orange County over the weekend, and came back for more today. Sounds like they get the importance of momentum, and they’ve got what it takes to take their passion for fitness and spread the word.

Kim Haru was wondering about advice for new coaches. She’s a nutrition major in a perfect position to get incredible results with P90X, and inspire all those students who want to have a body to show off at Spring Break that she’s got the answer.

MySpace friends Elizabeth and Carrie called to find out how to get their coaches pumped up. We discovered together that the LAST thing we need to do is pump people up. Getting excited about being successful is like a Vegas wedding – the commitment fades with the excitement. REAL commitment comes with deciding you want to achieve something, and directing your energy at achieving it. We are all busy. If you want to be successful in fitness or in earning an income, you need to "get unbusy" with the stuff that is not moving you toward your goal, and commit to action that will absolutely lead you toward your goal, inch by inch, day by day.

Yvette and Christine a new coach got on the phone to ask what steps a new coach should go through to get off on the right fit. I gave the same answer to them I gave to Meredith Gelfand and then Kri’stina Kyle: Instead of handing out cards and talking just about your results, you need to find out what your prospect wants to achieve, and discuss whether Beachbody and/or being a coach might be the answer to get it. Ask questions, and you will hear how you can help people. There’s no convincing necessary, just real caring and problem solving!

Also, there was a question about whether this business is a pyramid scam. That one always makes me laugh because we couldn’t be further from it. When you work your butt off for 90 days to get results and those results inspire people around you to buy the program, does Beachbody deserve to keep all the money or do you deserve a reward for being the inspiration in the first place? And if that friend you inspired becomes a coach and starts selling tons of product because they got great results, does Beachbody deserve to keep all the money for that effort, or do you deserve a share of the revenue since you brought your friend in first? I think if we kept all the money for your effort, THAT would be the scam. This is people helping people get healthy, and that’s the most productive and fair business model I have ever heard of.

Anne Dovel sent Ron to get some inside tips on signing people up, and it looks good that he’ll sign up some coaches from the local school district.

Leo is a Turbokick instructor and called because he was encountering a road block.

Richard Dafter invited coach Bernie Smith to a call, who told me how he knows tons of doctors, which led to the description of how Kathy Smith’s “Project: You for type 2” diabetics is the perfect product for the medical community to treat diabetes beyond medication. If I were a coach I would be speaking to as many doctors and nurses as possible!

Randy Watson is part of the Fitzgerald-Dovel juggernaut, and has turned up the heat this last month, signing up almost 20 coaches in the last two weeks – that’s in a town of just 13,000! His secret: Just reach out to people and help them solve their problems. This guy is so on board that he is giving a box of peanut butter bars to any of his coaches who sign up a coach during Everybody Gets one Week! Love that teamwork Randy!

Rachel, Matt and Laran, asked how to be a coach, and then Michelle Moy and prospective coach Sherri asked what being a coach means. I think it’s a three stepped responsibility: You help people be accountable to their goal to get healthy and fit; be compassionate if they struggle and help them get back on track; and if they need extra motivation to succeed, show them how the financial incentive of being a coach can help keep anyone on track to stay interested in getting results with the Beachbody programs.

Those were all the Monday calls. Tuesday started at 9AM, and talk about going for it -- Judy Rangel brought Rochelle Guriba to the phone while she was sitting in the dentist chair! That fit right into my premise that at one time in our history, using a tooth brush every day was a new concept. Now every body brushes (I hope). Same thing now for exercise; It may be a completely new concept to most of the US, but my goal is that within the next couple years we’ll change all that, so the people who don’t work out are the rarity.

Next were P90X graduate Michael, new coach Cass, Perry, Joel (May 2007 success story), and MMA fighter Brad who is training over 60 clients. Brad offered his clients the option of working out with DVD program at home and the option of building an income from it. This group is going places!

Beachbody standout Maria Nevarez is back on track with her own Play, Shake and Share program, and using the bulk emailer tool to get things started with customers who may have given up. And while she dislikes pushing people (who doesn't?), she's another coach who can see a huge opportunity with trainers struggling in her area who would like an additional source of income.

Jeff Dostal and Van Coker like the fact that they can get in better shape, make some money, and not have to buy a lot of inventory. Van wants to have his energy back and enjoy his grand kids. With our annual advertising budget, we’re out there spreading the message, and the coach's job is to talk it up. Jeff told me a story of a guy who runs 3 miles a day who was a convert to the Ten Minute Trainer after just one workout!

Kelly Ryan and Ali called from Bakersfield. They both have friends who would be interested in the kinds of results that Kelly and her husband have gotten. She continues to inspire everyone around her, and I think Ali will be the next to inspire many people if she signs up to be a coach!

Mike Beinlich, Rick Haggard and Bob Raypole from Florida got on the phone to get some input on how to maximize the business. Rick has lost over 40 lbs with our programs and is a walking billboard for the potential of these programs, and Bob is an experienced network marketing looking for an opportunity which is a solid long term bet. I know he found it in the Beachbody Revolution!

Joseph Petri brought Heidi in as a prospect from upstate NY, a college professor who is going to continue to build on the powerhouse that is starting to bubble in the Rochester area.

And the last call of the morning was Lisa MacAnespie-Tucker, part of a new coach in a leg that is picking up momentum. She is a former gymnast who wants to coach at the same time that she works on her own transformation. That’s the best time to be a coach I think, because she’ll have all the more accountability to herself if she is also helping others stay consistent. She has the same motivation to enlist people she’s supporting to become coaches – as everyone who has some accountability to someone else has a better chance of success. That’s a success link, and that’s the power of this network!

The bottom line is: Thank you all for helping us get the word out. When you talk to people about this opportunity, ask them what they want to achieve. Explore with them how being a coach can help them achieve their success. And know that this business model is a real service to people, rewarding them for their hard work and inspiration by paying them when their results create demand for Beachbody programs.

The Beachbody Revolution is here. The momentum is exciting. And it’s only happening thanks to your hard work and care for getting people healthy and fit. I'm getting my signing pen ready to sign those certificates of achievement for coaches who signed up someone this week. Everybody Gets One that gets one!

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Lyane said...

Hey Carl,
you have to hurry up and make it possible for us Canadians to become coaches!!! I know of a few of us wanting to help others out too! I know I got at least 5 people started with BeachBody and at least 20 people asking about it lol so I am looking forward in becoming a coach for BeachBody as I know I can inspire people to get on the wagon! :D Keep us Canadians posted! :)