Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Simple Things, like "Killer Abs"

As complex as life can be, it's the simple things that add the color. I look forward to my Saturday morning with the latest issue of Business Week. I know that every night I get "my time" with the baby he's going to give me his laugh when I hold him upside down by his feet. And I love the monthly anticipation of what's going to show up on my doorstep with the next One-On-One issue. (And yes, I get it mailed to me just like everybody else)

I know the title, I've seen the promo, but until you put one of these babies into the player and take Tony on as he's goes through his personal routine, you're just collecting workouts. The last shipment was Road Warrior, an intense twist on Power 90 3-4 with some abs that made me cry like a 3 month old. (Oh, wait, maybe that actually was my 3 month old.)

September it's "Killer Abs". Killer Abs?... Killer? Will it just hurt or will it actually kill us? Or will my abs look so fabulous they shall simply end anyone who dare to gaze upon my six-packiness? Maybe a combo of all that.

Tony, Mason, and rockmaestro Jason Scheff are creating something special with these routines. If you have yet to subscribe, you don't know how close you can feel to America's #1 trainer until you get on his monthly program.

And I understand that in an upcoming shipment we're dropping a free preview DVD of Chalene's new extreme program which takes a cutting-edge approach to monthly phasing to get super-cut. You're only getting that preview if you're a One-on-One subscriber.

Like I said, it's the simple things right? I doubt we can classify Killer Abs as simple. But, it's wondering just what Tony's going to do and if I can keep up that adds a layer of fun to my workouts which keeps me interested. Nice work Tony!

And when they bring it, it shall get brung.


Sam Adams said...

aww, you're baby is soooo cute! Right now I'm doing my first round of P90X (almost done w/ week one!) and as soon as I'm done I'm definitely getting Chalene's new program!!!! I'm bummed I don't have money for one-on-one cause I want that preview, oh well, I'll have to wait.

Anjanette said...

CHALENE!!!! I love her! I was wondering when this program was coming out because she blogged about it months ago. I use Tony (my introduction to Beach Body a few years ago), Chalene and Debbie. Thanks for starting this company Carl.
Your children are gorgeous, btw. Thanks for sharing.

DocSoc said...

Great Organization Mr. Daikeler, I've never been happier to be a part of revolution like I am with Team BeachBody. I look forward to the future and the good it will bring not only to people like me that are involved with the organization but those that have yet to experience the change! I'm only on day 45 of my transformation. BUT (an there is always a but...), it already has impacted me, my family and those around me.



lizzy said...

Could that baby look more like Daddy, or WHAT!!!! SO cute, made my day!

MelanieB said...

So far I'm really enjoying the One on One series! Thank you for these!

Also, looking VERY forward to ChaLEAN Extreme... I'm already gathering forces to become success stories for this new program, myself included. Get ready for something spectacular!!!!

Wudpkr said...


As a team beachbody coach I really have to thank you for the tools your company is providing the 10,000 coaches and counting.

Also the new One on One workouts are great! Tony has such a funny personality that its actually a joy to pop these dvd's in and workout with him.. These are currently my favorite workouts and that's saying allot considering the BeachBody catalog I have built now.

Again thank you,