Friday, January 08, 2010

The 1st Shakeology $1,000 Winner!

The have our first winner of the "Try Shakelogy Today, Win $1000" contest!

David Calkins, a Shakeology customer heard about this breakthrough from his girlfriend who showed him "the Breakthrough" video (she is also a Shakeology customer who heard about it from Hillary Kelly, a Team Beachbody Coach that left one of those DVD's with her in case she knew of anyone who would want to try it. Way to use 3rd party tools Hillary!)

David’s only been drinking it for the past 4 days, but says in his entry that it makes him "feel awesome". On He also checked off that Shakeology had improved the following areas of his health A LOT:

> Energy level

> Hunger/Cravings

> Digestion and Regularity

Plus he reports it had helped reduce headaches he was suffering from.

Four days of consuming the healthiest meal of the day, he's already feeling healthier, and he's $1,000 richer for it!

There's a new $1,000 winner every week, so take your picture, send it in, and let Shakeology enrich your life!

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Wow thats great, I have been wondering about this product.