Friday, January 15, 2010

Help Us Help Haiti

Our help is needed in Haiti, right now.

Will you meet the challenge and help your brothers and sisters in Haiti?

We're asking our employees and Team Beachbody Coaches and Members to join us in sending aid to Haiti ASAP! The company will match every dollar you give*, with a goal of matching up to $50,000 if we all take action!

That’s $100,000 in aid if we match the $50,000 put up by the company.

As you know, on Tuesday the catastrophic earthquake killed thousands, injured hundreds of thousands, and stranded many many more. As many as 3 million people have been affected, including thousands of Americans.

If you remember the suffering of people in New Orleans in the wake of Katrina, this is like that, but on steroids. And we need to step up and help these people.

*We are committed to sending cash for aid immediately. And if you join us, we will match all contributions up to a $50,000 match of donations made by employees, Coaches and customers to Haiti relief at the following sites:




NOTE: The least known is Quixote, but they come highly, highly recommended by Beachbody President, Jon Congdon and some people he knows who do work in and around Haiti. These organizations were selected because they are effective and a maximum percentage of contributions go to aid, rather than administration.

Send proof of your contribution by email to

Further details to be added here from time to time, but all you’ll need is some form of documentation showing that you’ve contributed, and Product Partners will match! BUT WE MUST ACT NOW!

Stepping up and contributing can turn this tragedy in a unifying, "do good" moment for us all. Your GENEROUS donations will:

· Deliver necessary food and supplies to Haiti

· Engage in the long-term rebuilding efforts

· Fill the gaps between the massive deliveries of supplies and what our partners on the ground tell us Haitians need

· Help with urgently needed medical help to those most in need.

· Provide temporary hospitals in areas most traumatized

· Be matched by Product Partners up to $50,000 – meaning together we can be responsible for $100,000 in relief money that will go directly to Haiti -- BUT ONLY IF YOU HELP US NOW!

Thank you!


Lisa Decker Griffith said...

Hi Carl, thank you for what you are doing. I am donating any and all proceeds from Shakeology orders this month to Merci Corp. Does that count?
Lisa DG

Dave Baldwin said...

Hey Carl,
You guys doing this just shows your heart and concern for people not just the bottom line of Beachbody! You are the GREATEST!
We have given funds through our church to World Relief a great organization.
Blessings on your efforts!

Dave Baldwin said...

Just an update. Our people at LifePoint Church gave $22,000 for Haiti Relief in our weekend worship services. What a group of generous people we have here. Our funds are being channeled through World Relief. Also we are not expecting you to match our funds, just wanted to give you an update as to what we are doing here in the Baltimore, MD area.
I am proud, however, to be associated with a group like Beachbody & you Carl for your generosity!
God bless you.

Dave Fish said...

Please consider adding The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund to your list of matching donation charities:

Anonymous said...

Gave 50.00 to our church who collected over 12,000.00 last Sunday to send to UMCORE. 100% of funds raised for Haiti through UMCORE go directly to the Haiti Relief mission.We are still collecting and giving and will not stop!