Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fourth Time's The Charm!

National Phone Call -- 1,000 Phone Lines. New System. New Number!

We've been through the ringer on these weekly phone calls. So we stepped our game up and established a new Team Beachbody® Conference Center to manage all future National Coach Calls.

To ask you to give us another chance and start the week off with the momentum this opportunity deserves, I'm putting up another $500 and a ticket to the 2010 Summit to a coach who is relentless enough to join us on Monday!

Larry Zimberg and his special guest, Diamond Coach Dallas Carter will discuss how to use the Success Club to drive organization growth.

Dial in at 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET on this new number:

1(605)475-4408 – Password: 90405.

(Congratulations to Coaches Dan Lusk, Julie Wainer, and Sean Dorsett for winning the first three $500 drawings and 2010 Summit tickets.)


CoachJaye said...

I can't wait!!!

WheelieChick said...

Way to stay committed to getting this right, Carl! The Lusk's will be there! :)