Monday, January 04, 2010

You Want Results? Get a Plan

Here's what happens when you have a plan to make your hair lighter. I put peroxide on my dark hair for a week in Kauai, HI. Bingo!... strawberry-blond CEO. (But it only happens if I follow the plan every day.)

You want results when it comes to growing your business? Use the strategies of the Team Beachbody Game Plan. (But it only works if you follow the plan every day.)

Right now the nation turns its eyes away from the fridge, and down toward the scale and you hear this reaction: "WHAT THE?!!"

Enter, the Game Plan strategy: By posting the 3rd party promotional videos from your coach back office onto Twitter and Facebook, and giving copied of our third party DVD's ("Decide", "The Invitation,". and "The Breakthrough") to your contacts, you are generating Game Plan "exposures". You want to expose the material to at least two people a day - especially now!

With all the attention on weight loss, the demand for the messages on these tools is stronger than ever! Demand makes it more likely you will make sales. But YOU have to create the exposure to get the benefit of that demand!

If you want first hand insight into how to make it happen, join me and the team in Boston on Saturday Jan 9th. If you need proof that the Game Plan is a sure thing, log on to the Facebook page and just watch success as it happens. These coaches are relentless. They put their faith in the Game Plan and are recruiting new people to help us grow the business like crazy! Coaches are diving into the "Getting Started Right" plan, and the "90 days to Diamond Plan", all using the ten tenets of the overall Team Beachbody Game Plan to get predictable, reliable results. You can have that success too!

You and your efforts are VERY valuable and vital to us reaching our "Billion Dollar a Year" goal. We see who is making things happen, and we see who is putting in the effort to get people healthy and focus on Shakeology. Your efforts make us proud, and your efforts deserve the reward. With consistent use of the Game Plan, you could reach the Success Club, earn the $50 bonus, and be on the path to getting on the next big coach trip!

Now is the time to make it happen. It's not just about short term results, but that doesn't mean you can't get short term results. It's about getting people healthy and fit for the long haul. And it's about building a business that will pay you dividends over the long haul. Take advantage of the timing, and work the Game Plan now!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that Shakeology is Gluten Free. Are there any ingredients derived from soy or gmo soy as I have hypothyroidism and must steer clear of it.

Carl Daikeler said...


Anonymous said...

Good AM Carl,

I am writing to you from "Sunny South Dakota"...15 degrees below zero today. Trying to warm up for my "warm up" with Insanity. I started yesterday. I couldn't believe it. I have not blushed (beat red face) for years. I wanted to quit. I did. I "watched" most of the tape with wide eyes and thought.....what has happened to me?
Last night after much deep thought about the shape of my body....I made a decision. One day at a time. Try it..try it again...don't give up.
I was so impressed with the presentation and the quick delivery of Insanity.
This workout "aint" for sissies. That is for sure.
Here I go.
A heartfelt thanks to you Carl for your commitment to fitness.

Taylore said...

Hello Carl,
Taylore Ashlie here. I'm back!

Just ordered the Brazil Butt.
My life has been way too sedentary for a couple years now. Been working as an energy healing/ massage practitioner and spending tons of time at the computer. Neither involves much movement. Survived menopause and now my butt needs help. Really looking forward to trying something new from the library of your amazing programs and kicking my butt into gear.
Say hello to Tony for me.
Warm wishes - Taylore