Monday, January 25, 2010

Week #3 - We Got A Winner!

Mindy Kinsella is our Week #3 winner of the "Try Shakeology Today!" weekly $1000 giveaway!
She's a coach that's been drinking Shakeology for 5 months. She originally wanted to try it because she was having trouble losing those stubborn last few pounds, and was able to do just that thanks to Shakeology! The most surprising thing to her about drinking Shakeology how much it increases her energy levels and how she feels it got rid of her daily morning headaches.

She says she's excited about Shakeology and shares her enthusiasm with everyone she knows, asking them, "Do you want to try the healthiest tastiest meal you will have today? It's not only a meal replacement shake, not only a protein smoothie, not just a drink full of daily fruits, veggies, vitamins, minerals, but it's the whole package! So, here, drink this!"

She says she's also excited to share the news of her winnings with her Coaches & Customers so that they'll submit their entry forms, too.

Thanks Mindy. Way to spread the word! This stuff is saving lives by feeding people what their body craves to operate the way it was designed.

1 comment: said...

I must do this.. shakeology changed my life as well... I used to have to take 20 fiber pills just to "use the rest room " because of my high iron intake due to anemia and I am getting healthy and looking forward to an increased immune system in a couple of months... not to mention my chocolate fix............mmmmm yummy !!!