Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shakeology Winner!

More and more people are enjoying the health benefits of Shakeology, as more people are enjoying the $1,000 we're giving away each week through March!

Our second winner is Dottie Wood, a Team Beachbody coach from Grapevine, TX who's been drinking Shakeology for over 4 months!

She writes that Shakeology is a "great way to fight junk food and sweet cravings, increase energy, get regular and it tastes fabulous!"

Thanks Dottie, and thanks to everyone who entered. There's another contest each week, ending Thursday at midnight - so get your entry in! And of course the monthly $5,000 contest is coming up soon!

1 comment:

webglass said...

Congratulations Dottie! You look great holding that bog of Shakeology...and I know you feel great, because I drink it, too!