Friday, October 21, 2005

The Last Hawaii Hurrah of 2005

Well, what a week. What a group. What a night. As I said at tonight's dinner, I am grateful for this group, while Beachbody deals with the firestorm of misunderstanding resulting from its offer set and custiomer service track record for 2005 -- yes, we have a lot to improve... but the attitude, success, and joy on the faces of these folks fills the entire team with hope.. Beachbody will help more people, and we will continue to improve, because every single customer is worth it!

Now - here's the crazy night - -karaoke, photos, and dancing... Looking forward to next year already!


AZTLGRL said...

DUDE! Fred looks WASTED! lol! WTG FRED the Mai Tai King!

C-Dawg lookin smooth on the dance floor as usual

Carl Daikeler said...

He's not -- but he did have preapproval of the photo before I put it up. He's a great guy, who I caught at a blinking moment!

Mary Cecy said...

I LOVE THE PICS CARL!! Miss you all so much. Maybe next year... Anyway. They all look amazing and deserve to have all the fun as you all have. I am glad that you have the oomph to make it bigger!!! XOXO

AZTLGRL said...


Fred you know I dig you man!

Laurie Vinson said...

OMG, those pics are too funny. I miss everyone already!!! Carl, I had a BLAST dancing the nite away with you and everyone else! Carl you put John Travolta to shame my man :)

Mary Mc said...

Great pics, Carl! I didn't know you were such a fantastic dancer!!

Sorry I missed saying goodbye to you. It was an honor to meet you and all the wonderful people from Beachbody and Pure Kauai. Thanks for a wonderful time!

Mary Mc

Tom & Lisa DG said...

The pics don't do it justice! Carl is a dancing machine and seeing him finally unwind and enjoy himself the way the rest of us did ALL WEEK may have been the best part of the trip! You're awesome, Carl!

We had a great time and feel a deep sense of gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of the 2005 Hawaii trip. Thanks again to you, Carl, and to Jon, Tony, Heather, Lesley and the Pure Kauai gang. It was fantastic!

We learned a lot and are more motivated than ever.

Tom & Lisa DG

CyndiLoux said...

I agree, the pics don't do it justice at all! Carl, you are the man! Thanks for an awesome week. I miss you all so much. Everyone at Beachbody and Pure Kauai made this an incredible trip.

I'm pumped more than ever now! I can't wait to get back to the daily workouts firming up those buns.

Thanks again Carl!


Cyndi :)

Dusk said...

Carl - I had the time of my life and just wanted to tell you THANKS! I had an absolute riot dancing with you! If your legs aren't burning - you're not working hard enough LOL! Skydiving DVD is on it's way.