Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yes, we hear you... You want more!

As Turbo Jam has started to get more notice now that the infomercial is on TV and people are experiencing the "party" that these workouts represent, the demand for an even more challenging and lively set of routines has been a recurring theme of many emails I get each week. (Yes VF'ers, that means you!)

We have completed principle photography on six new, more advanced Turbo Jam LIVE! videos which we are planning to release as they are completed - probably starting in December. Cardio Remix and Turbo Jam Booty Sculpt will be the first two titles in this new set. While they are more advanced routines, they still keep the workout to around thirty mins since that is by far the most popular feature of most of the Beachbody catalog (Time matters to most customers!).

The next four videos, which we shot this week will be Fat Blaster (30 mins), Turbo Jam 3T's of Sculpting (30 mins), Cardio Party 3 (45 mins), and Punch Kick and Jam (45 mins).

In January we will take it yet another level up with more advanced hour-long workouts, and a couple other twists I have in mind for this line.

Meanwhile, for anyone looking for the Yoga Booty Ballet Masters Series, the first of the five titles, "Yoga Core" is now hidden deep within the Core/Yoga Gear section of the website.


Mary Cecy said...

Carl, thanks for the news. NOW what about MORE DEBBIE SIEBERS!! It has been a while since we have seen anything new from her!! I can't wait. I am increasing my BB library and I will be all ready for 2006 and my following Bday!!

I would love to hear from new Debbie stuff and Fitness Camps!!

CyndiLoux said...

Mary I agree! We want more DEBBIE! I'm starting a round of Slim Series next week after recovering from Hawaii.

Can we expect to see any new Debbie workouts Carl???

Cyndi :)

Anonymous said...

Carl, thank you very much for the update. Turbo Jam rocks ¡¡¡. I can't wait to order the new TJ workouts.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! I'm loving Turbo Jam and can't wait for all the new ones!!

And I'll jump in and also say I'd LOVE another DEBBIE series!!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for the 45 minute- 1 hour Turbo Jam workouts! As a VFer, this is definitely wonderful news! I am glad that you and Beachbody listen to the suggestions of your customers regarding more advanced workouts. I believe we can only continue to get positive results if we challenge ourselves. Please have an advanced Project You with Kathy Smith with longer and intense cardio! Also, I want to say that I love Power 90 Series Plyo Legs and wish the entire line up is that intense. Core Cardio wasn't really cardio to me plus I didn't like the long 9 minute warm-up. Hope you're future series won't have too long warm-ups :)


Belle said...


Thank you so much for the news about TJ!! I love these w/os, and appreciate your attention to detail. Can't wait to buy every single one of them!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the great news! I love TJ and it's nice to know that the workout length will be similar to that of the Turbo Kick classes! Also, please have more Debbie and Kathy (I agree about the advanced Project You too!)


Belle said...

Carl, as grateful and excited as I am for all the new TJ w/os that BB is planning, I hope that BB has resolved the issues involving the DVD glitches in the original batches of the TJ w/os. I'm still waiting for a remastered copy of CP2, which I originally bought in August. I am very happy that I got a remastered copy of CP1 that works great, and can't wait for the same in CP2!

Mindy said...

Hey Carl! I am so pumped about the love for Turbo and the next videos. I had the pleasure of being in the first ones as well as the last four, I love it!! Here,in Texas, people are LOVING it, purchasing it and actually doing the workouts at home! Beachbody is awesome and I am so impressed as a fitness professional and as a consumer.
Thank you,

Mindy said...
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PeachesLv9 said...

hey do you think you guys could put up samples? Like collagevideo? Becasue sometimes I'm not sure if I'd really like the product or not--- and delivery is super slow :-( I think it would be great to *See* before I buy!

BossyMommy said...

Hey Carl,

I've purchased quite a few BB products, the first of which was P90, which quickly took 50 pounds off of me, so I'm a big believer! I have the TJ videos and I'm loving those, too, and glad to hear about some new releases. We all need variety to stay motivated.
I agree with the other person who said it would be REALLY good if you had preview clips of all workouts on your site. This would help IMMENSELY in the purchasing decision. Now that you guys have so many different systems, it would help people to have an idea of what they're ordering before they do it. Thanks!!!