Saturday, October 08, 2005

Look out Mary Lou Retton!

Something about the way my daughter Ava and a group of 20 kids at a birthday party. They work up the most intense red-faced sweat ever, at the same time they're having an absolute blast, and it's an inspiration, especially to a guy who runs a fitness company.

Looking to not only lose the weight, but make it fun? Take a cue from the kids -- feel the limits of your body, and see how you can improve. Push yourself, not only to get a sweat, but to feel the FUN of the whole thing.

This is something that Tony Horton in Power 90 Masters Series and Chalene Johnson in Turbo Jam are adept at in particular. They make their programs fun because they're having fun.

The next time I push play on P90X Plyometrics, I'm not just gonna bring it, I'm going to enjoy it.


Anonymous said...


Love your posts about Ava! We sure can learn a lot from our kids, can't we? They don't care how their hair looks, what the other kids think, how flexible they are, etc. They just want to have FUN!! :)

And like you said, that is what it needs to be for us. I used to do Jazzercise tapes at home, but got so burned out on them, because they stopped being fun. They were a drag to do and I didn't even want to look at the cover anymore! So far, even into round 2 of P90, I am loving it, because I am getting results! I can see my abs starting to come through! That, my friend, was something I thought would never happen!

So, when I do my Sweat 3/4 on Monday, I will think of how much fun I have pushing my body to it's limits and sweating like a banshee!


azteclady said...

She looks absolutely adorable!

Mary Cecy said...

Carl, you are absolutely right. Doing the things we want, or have to do with fun. That makes life more interesting. I love the workouts cause like Tony, and Chalene, they make it fun. It is a benefit what happens with it cause you don't feel like you are working out. So Leap to the other side of the river and do your Groucho walk with pride and fun. At the end... we all feel much better. I know I do.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making working out fun, Carl!!! If it wasn't for my ever growing BB library, I'd hate to see where I'd be today! I know for a fact, I'd be much larger and depressed! You guys keep on giving us phenominal workouts to do, who can get bored! And with trainers like Tony and Debbie, it's always fun!!!

Thanks for creating Beachbody and WOWY!

Lori J