Monday, October 17, 2005

The last moments of sun

In the last moments of light the photo and video crew worked together to get the proof that these Beachbody success stories were for real; Laurie, Ralph and Cindy.

Good stuff. I am heading over to dinner to find out how the group that went on the hike today did!


AZTLGRL said...

Is that Cory?! I love him! He is THE MAN when it come to photography...

Wow did I beat Mary Cecy? lol!

Neeeena said...

great shots! appreciate you for doing this Carl!

Mary Cecy said...

Love the pics... look at the water!!!

Yes Heather you beat me today!! :P I have been concentrating at work in my new outfit!! Just waiting to celebrate tomorrow my 36th bday!

:) Love ya

Marich said...


Our Hawaii participants are lookin' good !! :D Of course with that environment, it helps, but only a little, because on the whole P90 helped too :D

Can't wait for them to get back.... but I still want them to have a good time... Oh well, I'll have to wait ;)


Laurie Vinson said...

Alright Carl, I know there are alot of us, but my name would be Laurie not Lisa ;) lol, its ok I forgive you after the nite of dancing.

Carl Daikeler said...

Oh man! I will go in an fix this right away. I was dizzied by all the Danas, Dans Cindy/Cynthias... And it was the Ann that kept throwing me of!

CyndiLoux said...

Carl, I know you were so dazed by our beauty that it was hard to think...LOL..

It's the beautiful Laurie in the second photo looking hotter than ever!

And Carl, that's Cyndi with a "y"...LOL just messing with ya.


Cyndi :)