Monday, October 24, 2005

WOWY crosses 200,000!

Today WOWY crossed over the 200,000 workouts-to-date mark for 2005! That's 200,000 times people have overcome that urge to blow off their workout.

We hit the magic number of 200,000 workouts when MyBeachbody member PWmn1973 logged in for an hour of cardio at 2:45 PM PT!

That's consistency! That's persistence!

In case you think that's nothing... I sat next to Tony Horton on the plane coming back from Hawaii Friday to learn that, he too has the struggle to stay motivated to workout. He told me that if he has plans to workout with friends or a client, and they cancel, he often will have that urge to skip it "just this once". But he pulls himself together and he gets it done. So if the king of fitness has to work at staying on track, the rest of us should be proud whenever we string together a consistent week or month... Just like the Beachbody community has demonstrated 200,000 times so far in 2005!

Nice work to everyone who logged in their workouts. I'm guessing we could get close to 300,000 by the end of the year, but it will be difficult to actually hit that number. We'll see.

Erick and his team are working on some new features which will bring more people to the WOWY party. But that's slated for the end of the year.

In the meantime, congrats to everyone who has won the $100 so far, and keep logging in your workouts with the last week of the October WOWYfest ahead of us! (Can I finally take the dress off?)


Mary Cecy said...

Carl, you can take the dress off and HATS OFF TO YOU!! Thank YOU for providing this incentive. Yes, we all have to struggle with the voices in our heads that either want to sleep more or leave it off for tomorrow. DON'T LISTEN TO THE VOICES, just push play!! Not that my voices are saying to keep writing :P.

XOXO Thanks for all of you have done for me. It means the world.


Belle said...

Ha, Carl, take the dress off but keep the wig ON! Thanks for your hard work and for introducing Turbo Jam to me! B/c of TJ, I am now a proud member of the BB community, and that's really neat! :D

Neeeena said...

aaaahhh. so MaryCecy hears voices in her head... that explains a lot.

heh heh heh

AZTLGRL said...

It's lederhosen dammit!

Mary Cecy said...

:P Neeeeena.

Carl, I am not sure who pics the Featured Member... I just want to say MUCHAS GRACIAS. OMG You have brought a HUGE smile to my face. What a way to start my Year and end my Bday Month!! I am in heaven!!

Anonymous said...

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