Sunday, October 02, 2005

WOWY>>>> Closing in on 200,000

With the increased traffic to WOWY during the fall and the $100-a-day giveaway in October, I wouldn't be surprised to see us get very close to 200,000 WOWY workouts by mid-November.

If you participate in WOWY at a predictable time, I hope you check out the Success Buddies feature. It is so helpful to other people to have accountability - and knowing that there are two other people who have RSVP'ed to workout at the same time as you is that extra nudge to make sure everyone shows up.

If you don't currently participate in WOWY, I hope you check it out and upload a photo so we can see your face as we log in. It's a very interesting application of the Internet to help people stay motivated and feel connected to others who are choosing in-home fitness or their own personal activity to stay fit. (It's actually more social, and less judgmental than the gym if you ask me.)

Of course, I am hoping the $100 each day will help make it that much more interesting. The winner of the random drawing from anyone who WOWYed the prior day is announced on the WOWY home page.


AZTLGRL said...

Oh sweet petunias how I've missed Carl in lederhosen...

Mary Cecy said...

my daughter dropped on the floor laughing at the picture. Benny followed after. It was just as funny as last yr. It is so nice to see Heather back, don't you agree!! Well see you around wowy... This next 2 weeks are just busy for me. XO

Anonymous said...

Hi Carl

I am one of your winners for Octoberfest! Thank you!

This is my third "fest" and in the past I have used this as a means of intensity for stepping up my workouts and this time I was rewarded on the second day! Thanks for doing this for us! I am going to keep up my intensity and keep pushing play.
Thanks again !
Sage824 aka Joyce

Anonymous said...

Dear Carl,
Just wanted to let you know that I think beachbody had done a great job with all the products, online support and helpful information. However, I wanted to let you know that I find the call center in charge of orders has been really difficult to deal with over the years. I have been ordering your products since 2002 and I'm always so frusterated when I have to call in and deal with orders that often a hassle to deal with. Many times I have had wrong orders, items missing, orders never coming, and just recently paid for rush delivery - only to recieve it two weeks later. Also have trouble understanding many of the the operators and have a hard time gettting answers. Just thought you ought to know. If it weren't for the fact that I love your products, I wouldn't even bother.
Sincerely, frustrated

Carl Daikeler said...

I know what you are saying - and it's this kind of thing that has motivated us to improve things in a drastic way. We are taking drastic measures to get the level of service up to the level of quality of the products. It's a moving target with all the technology at play, but we'll get there I assure you. I assure myself. I assure the company. We will get there, very soon.

Crisu said...

Dear Carl,
I wanted to thank you (& whole Beachody) for the great work you have done by developing wonderful workout programs, the programs that really work and break fitness plateaus over and over again! I have MS and most of my fellow sufferers have given up the idea of intense workouts. I have been working out past 5 years, but hit the plateau and wasn't able to progress. Also, I have been plaged by frequent overtraining. In this August I started Slim in 6 and now I am finishing it. I had to take a short break due to overtraining, then reading Slim Series forums in your web-site gave me idea of buying a heart rate monitor. Now I never overexercise, my fitness level has progressed faster than I ever imagined possible and I am slimmer than since my teens! All that thanks to your wonderful fitness programs, which cater for various needs, tastes and fitness levels. I work out 10-15 hours per week, the amount of exercise which I would have not deared to dream about just 6 months ago.
By now I have Slim in 6, Keep it Up, Slim Series, Power90, Power Half Hour, Project You, Turbo Jam and 6 B-lines (from Pink to Black). This is a considerable achievement (having managed to obtain those all) - I live in England. Which brings me to my only regret: please, oh please don't exclude the rest of the world from your wonderful products and community! Dealing with your international orders department has been such a pain that I have settled with leftovers that come to aftermarket (eBay). But not everything can be bought from eBay -- you have a great Premium Diet and Support Club I have been trying to register with. Online chat, emails to admin and international orders, calls to phone support -- all in vane. I so want to become full member of your community. Sometimes I cannot believe that there is a company who refuses to take my money for internet subscription! Oh please make your club available worldwide! I understand why it would be difficult to offer your products with 30-day guarantee to customers outside US/Canada (I would be happy with just products without guarantee), but why should Online Club be limited only to US/Canada?
I wish you all the strength and enthusiasm to continue your so much apprecated work of changing lives of each of us individually and thus a bit of the whole world, just please don't limit this bit of the world to US/Canada only!!

BB fan for life