Tuesday, August 24, 2010

8 Days Left! Am I Coming To Your House In October?

With only 8 days remaining in The Chairman's Challenge, the battle for the Top 10 slots is getting real. Those multi-way ties have been broken and it's going to be a photo finish for some of these slots.

The Top 7 remain unchanged - these Coaches are digging in their heels and refusing to give up even an inch of ground! Dianna Jackson gains another 10 points to retain her 1st place slot, while J. Bradley holds tight in 2nd place, picking up 5 points. Terrell Murphy is rock steady in 3rd, staying at 32 points, with Josh Spencer and Jason Scheff each picking up one point, keeping them in 4th and 5th, respectively.

Religious Works holds down 6th, gaining 2 points and Rexann McConnell adds 4 points, allowing her to retain the 7th place slot. Hillary Kelly adds 7 points and jumps into 8th place and Blake Warrington also adds 7 points, putting him in 9th place. Animal Clinic of Benicia adds 4 points to their tally, which rounds out the Top 10.

There is currently a six-way tie for 12th place, plus a 3-way tie for 13th place. Any of those could breakout and catapult into the Top 10, securing a spot on the tour itinerary. It's still up for grabs, so if you want me to come to your house to interview you and create a unique 3rd party tool to help grow your Coach business...then kick it into high gear!

Here's how it works; You must qualify for Success Club 5 or 10 in August, then be one of the Top 10 Success Club point earners within the month of August and
I'll be coming to YOUR house in October.

As we move into the final week of this Challenge, the gloves are off, competition gets even more intense and the flight plan for Beachbody One gets a little more solid. If we filed it today, that flight plan would be taking us to UT, PA, NC, OH, TN, GA, MI, CT, ID and CA.

Ultimately, where I go is up to YOU - so get out there and help decide where I'm gonna be in October.

First Name Last Name City State Total SC Points
Dianna Jackson Highland UT 80
J. Bradley Washington PA 59
Terrell Murphy Huntersville NC 32
Josh Spencer Bolivar OH 23
Jason Scheff Franklin TN 21
Religious Works, Inc Lithonia GA 20
Rexann McConnell Herron MI 19
Hillary Kelly New Preston CT 18
Blake Warrington Star ID 17
Animal Clinic Benicia Benicia CA 16
Gina Knickerbocker Newport Beach CA 15
Traci Morrow Glendora CA 13
Barbara Decker Dallas TX 13
Thomas Mygrant Bellevue OH 13
Mindy Lawhorne Arlington TX 13
Mindy Wender Kingsford MI 13
Rebecca Brossett Miami FL 13
Julie Dalberg Stafford VA 12
Sam Taylor Conyers GA 12
Dr Richard Prim Liberty MO 12

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Tyrone Shelley said...

Hi carl, My name is Tyrone Shelley I am from Sydney in Australia and I have been looking for the beach body oppurtunity in Australia but i am unable to find anything. I would love to be apart of this oppurtunity as it looks like it is amazing. If this hasnt hit Australia yet I would love to introduce it to the Australians they would absolutely love it. All the best mate looking forward to hearing from you.