Friday, August 27, 2010

Dig This! Is it a "Deal or Dud?"

When we came up with the idea for Insanity, the idea was to create a cardio-intensive DVD set that the average person would look at and say "no fricking way," but that the Type A person who loves a challenge would find irresistible.

I would say this Fox station in Dallas tested (and proved) the premise well!


Rhonda said...


Thank you for changing my life! Fox 4 gave me the platform to do that story and I am so proud to let everyone know that it was a DEAL! I was always fit, but Insanity allowed me to take it to another level. I can't really explain how much I love what you have done for so many people and I loved spreading the word!

Rhonda Layton

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Thanks for sharing this story on Insanity it is a tough workout for sure.

Congrats Rhonda :-)