Monday, August 09, 2010

Aug Success Club - Heatin' Up!

Alright, one week down and the competition is really heating up! Where in the world will I be going in October? (And what will I need to pack?)

Let's synchronize watches... You've got 23 days left in the month to compete - but it looks like a few coaches are in it to win it: Since Wednesday J. Bradley in Washington, PA took over the lead by adding 15 points, but Terrell Murphy is the big mover jumping into 2nd place by adding 18 points!

Here are the leader stats as of end of business on August 8, 2010!

First Name Last Name City State Total SC Points
J. Bradley Washington PA 27
Terrell Murphy Huntersville NC 22
Dianna Jackson Highland UT 20
Dallas Carter Mililani HI 11
Josh Spencer Bolivar OH 11
Religious Works, Inc Lithonia GA 10
Deanna Kirkland Indianapolis IN 8
Traci Morrow Glendora CA 7
Christi Andringa Verona WI 7
Tricia Metzel Las Vegas NV 7
Rexann McConnell Herron MI 7
Blake Warrington Star ID 6
Charline Bucher Burleson TX 6
Christopher Golden San Diego CA 6
Jane Katahira Honolulu HI 6
Ashlee Hamilton Frisco TX 6
Steve Roman Burbank CA 6
Ira Winkler Severna Park AL 6
Danielle Taylor Decatur IL 6
Vito Ballestrasse Redding CA 6
Connie Sanderson Ballinger TX 6
Pria Orth Beaverton OR 6
Sabrina Mckenzie Lilburn GA 6

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