Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chocolate Panshakes

Special thanks to Brandi Shine Doming for sending me this cool recipe for chocolate pancakes made with Shakeology!

Sunday is a great day to experiment with breakfast. I'm not chef, but I think even I could make these:

Chocolate Shakeology Pancakes

1 chocolate shakeology pack
1/4 cup skim milk
1/4 cup eggwhites
good dash of cinnamon powder
2 tbsp all natural almond butter
1/8 teaspoon baking powder

Whisk together in a bowl.
Use a relatively small frying pan unless you want 1 large pancake. I found it was easier and I made 2 medium size ones. Spray the pan first with olive oil spray. Only takes a minute or two so watch it and cook on low heat so it cooks through and doesn't burn!

Let me know how it goes!


screwdestiny said...

I thought that cooking Shakeology destroyed some of the nutrients in it...

Jillian said...

Love the idea, but isn't Shakeology not meant to be heated?

Carl Daikeler said...

It's not ideal to cook Shakeology, but it's a better alternative even cooked than some of the other contents used to make pancakes!

Anonymous said...

What are the nutrition stats on these?

brandi said...

That was my point to making them...a much healthier alternative to a traditional pancake! I love pancakes but they aren't exactly healthy and this idea came to me and they turned out delicious. :)
As far as nutrition is the same as one shakeology pack and then adding the either 1 or 2tbsp of almond butter: you would add the following:
9g fat, 3g carbs, 2g protein
3 carbs from 1/4 cup skim milk
6g protein from 1/4 cup eggwhites

You could eliminate the almond butter if you really are watching the fat but it is obviously a heck of a lot healthier pancake version! :)

SuperFoodieMom said...

I like this idea! I may try it and see if my son will eat these pancakes. Like you said, better than feeding him the regular version!

Rebecca said...

Obviously we cannot rely on the nutritional value/content when you cook it, however, It HIGHLY beats the alternative!!!

Jay Garbarino said...

Depending on what survives the cooking it my just be as good to buy some AnyWhey and use Whole wheat Pastry flour.

I will stick to keeping my Shakeology goodness intact. like with Shakeology Pie.

Anonymous said...

Cooking any food above 190 degrees destroy most of the nutrients. Keep it below that temp and you will be fine.