Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On Competition

I have received a bunch of Facebook posts and Tweets from people telling me that other big networks have taken notice of the resounding success of Shakeology and will be competing with us soon.

I say: "Bring. Them. On."

Here's what I know:

1. Competition makes us better.

2. Shakeology is special. All these doctors aren't using Shakeology and recommending it because it's "me too." The health results people experience are real because we didn't cut any corners, and frankly, that's also why our margins stink. I doubt companies that are used to the margins you get on over-hyped fruit juice will make the same investment in quality sourcing. So, they'll get to claim a lot of stuff (as they always do) and compare prices (because theirs will be cheaper)... But "cheaper" is as cheaper does, and will NEVER get the health results we get. The price of Shakeology is not because of profit-taking, it's because the quality really is THAT good.

3. We combine our nutrition with the best workout programs on the face of the earth. That's not an easy sell - but it's the right sell. I don't know if juice and pill companies can go from a field force used to saying "just drink a shot of juice each day and take a handful of these and you'll be healthy" to "Do 90 days of exercise and drink a shake a day and you will transform your health. It's not easy, but it's worth it." Tough transition to ask a volunteer sales force used to make if they were originally attracted to short cuts. Our network signed on for real results, which take real commitment. Our coaches signed up to really achieve something. It shows in the photos and health results.

4. Our business is supported by an unprecedented customer lead program and $100MM of TV advertising. Ever heard of P90X? TurboJam? Brazil Butt Lift? Insanity? Slim in 6? Hip Hop Abs? Body Gospel? That's power.

5. Shakeology was on Entourage. Yes. Incredible, but true. Entourage. Take that, competition.

Who knows though? Maybe the competition will get it right, and actually do the right thing for the customer. Maybe they will "make less margin" so they "help more people", and together network marketing companies will stomp out obesity and get people healthy faster than any of us could have achieve alone. I am open to that too. That's the goal here. If we succeed and everyone gets healthy, we'll set the sights of Team Beachbody on the next global crisis and we'll solve that better than anyone in the world too.

But for now, we are the ones setting the high standard. So we keep doing what we do - better than anyone else has ever done it. And with fierce drive and commitment, we get better every single day. It's not easy to seek constant improvement. But that's where excellence comes from, and that's what Team Beachbody is about. We. Never. Quit.

Competition? Bring it on.


Tricia Claiborne said...

So well said! Thanks Carl for your sincerity and commitment to change the world

Anonymous said...

Who is Shakeology's Competition? Just curious. Ive never heard of Shakeology having competition!

Anonymous said...

Body by Vi is taking off here in the South. They definitely cut corners AND recommend two shakes a day. Expensive slim fast is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Not leaving Shakeology...this stuff is awesome!!!!

Carmen Arroyo said...

I've heard of one called Nourishe (spelling?) or something to that affect, but really there is no comparison

Anonymous said...

The only competition I'm aware of currently is Visalus, but their shake has sucralose, soy lecithin, soy protein isolate, and mono-diglycerides in it. So although consumers might believe it to be similar to Shakeology, if they'd do a little research, they'd see otherwise. Personally, it just makes me love Shakeology even more. God bless Beachbody.

Carl Daikeler said...

The point is, other companies will be releasing products that try to compete with Shakeology and Team Beachbody. They will use comparison charts and boast that they are as good at half the price. The results are the proof. There is no road to fitness without exercise, and it's being cheap about nutrition which got us into the mess we're in now.

sksaunders said...

Carl, the more I read your posts and learn of your thoughts and your personality, the more I like and respect you.

You're a stand-up guy with passion that believes in your company and in providing people with products and opportunities which have potential to genuinely enrich their lives. It shows in everything you do, and these facts became evident to me very quickly after I began learning about BeachBody and really noticing your approach to everything.

I will say that at no previous time in my life did I have the slightest interest in any sort of marketing or trying to "sell" something to others... not until I became a believer in your company and in the family of products that BeachBody offers.

I recently completed Power 90, and I'm currently doing P90X. I am a Coach, and despite not having any leads or sales yet, I intend to keep trying. When I consider that your company is helping make such a significant difference in my own life, I can't help but want to stay on as a Coach.

I'm not normally one to be very open and wordy about myself, but here's a write-up I did about my Power 90 success, please check it out sometime if you have a moment.

And as far as Shakeology goes... I love the stuff. And knowing the passion and science and research and effort that has gone into creating this product, how could I not feel great about putting this in my body? I will personally be very skeptical about any cheaper alternatives that come along.

Keep doing what you're doing, Carl, or Mr. Daikeler, whichever you prefer to be called. I know it's all more to you than just a business, and other people see that too. The passion of people like yourself, and all the others involved with the creation and production of BeachBody products, is second to none.


Anonymous said...

Is there any possible way, maybe now that you will be getting Bigger and more popular-- that anytime in the near future you can see yourself possibly being able to lower the price? Yes Im a subscriber but i know as far as my referrals go -the regular moms and dads need a better pricepoint. Even if we could just get out the door after shipping and taxes for 100$ that sounds a lot different mentally than 130$

Carl Daikeler said...

Great question. And unless the price of the ingredients comes down (high quality whey is VERY expensive)I doubt it. My goal here is not just to sell this product, but whenever someone steps up and invests in this product, the investment in themselves pays very real, very noticeable dividends. i am serious when I say the margins are not great. My goal is to recruit a million coaches. I could achieve that a lot easier with a lower price point shake. But then we would be doing what EVERY OTHER NETWORK does; Playing to the economic consideration before serving the health and wellness benefit. We have overlooked the complexity of our biology and taken it for granted for too long. Shakeology is THE ONE product that will not do that. This product stays incredible. That's my promise.

pacamanca said...

In the "is there any possible way" line of questions: is there any possible way Beachbody will start shipping overseas? I need to have all my stuff delivered to my coach's address (she's a great friend),and she then needs to find the time to go to a post office and mail it to me. Needless to say this extra shipping makes things incredibly expensive, in particular because I also have to pay taxes once my parcel gets here (I live in Italy and must pay taxes whenever something comes in from outside the European Union). That's the only thing that has kept me from getting Shakeology; I've been DYING to try it but I know I can't afford the double shipping and the import taxes, no matter how good the product is. This additional expense is less noticeable with the workouts, which last practically forever and I can use as many time as I want, but with consumables it's just too crazily expensive for me. If you had an international shipping plan it might get less costly for us non-US residents who love Beachbody products.

Morgan Fleur De Lys said...

FULL STOP! The price of Shakeology is fine. It's a meal replacement. Look at what the average meal costs you and then really look at the nutrition of that meal. It's not even close. Make an investment into your health and your future.

The way I see it, I don't really pay for Shakeology anyway. Team Beachbody has allowed me to create more than enough extra income to cover it's cost easily. said...

Love the comment and question on price Carl. This is an awesome product that Over delivers on quality and results.
I have never had such amazing results as I have with shakeology. My customers, my kids, my mother, everyone raves about it.

Thanks for your commitment to quality!

Anonymous said...

In regards to competition-- research, continued development and the introduction of new products will help a product win big. I'd like to see Shakeology develop a vegan/dairy free version soon utilizing soy protein, or hemp, brown rice protein, etc. I have a milk-protein allergy and cannot ingest Shakeology because of the whey. My husband loves it and I'd love to try it-- but for allergy reasons, can't! Also, as a Shakeology distributor, I can't be a product of the product because I'm allergic to it! And we're missing the entire vegan market!

Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Great post and comments you left.

I have not seen these competitors yet.

Always when your doing something that works and its RIGHT others try to capitalize on it.

But in this case Shakeology stands alone, and is the original. Nothing will compare to it, it is the best!

LFCoachKris said...

Anonymous CAN get Shakeology at a lower price when you are a coach...25% off or $89! Plus home direct orders get FREE shipping. Email me and I can give you more details. also right now you can sign up as a coach for free and get the discount immediately!