Thursday, August 12, 2010

We Got Us A Horse Race!

Looks like "it's on" as coaches compete to be in the top ten of Success Club for August!

The top three have a solid lead as Dianna Jackson takes over 2nd place, but Josh Spencer can't be counted out as he slides into 4th place from 5th. Traci Morrow heats things up with a sprint three places into 5th and Rexann McConnell breaks into top ten contention for the first time! But look at the race for tenth! We have a four-way tie for tenth, and with three weeks to go any of the top twenty could still qualify!

I created a map of what the flight pattern might be as we jet to each coach's home, with Blake Warrington getting the nod for tenth but it could just as easily be Franklin, TN, Tampa, FL or Vegas!

Is your team in the running?

I want some face time with YOU in October so you and I can create an exclusive 3rd party video to help you build your Coach business...but you have to earn it!

Still 19 days left in the Aug challenge, so we're just getting started!

Here's how it works; You must qualify for Success Club 5 or 10 in August, then be one of the Top 10 Success Club point earners within the month of August and
I'll be coming to YOUR house in October.

Here are the top 20 leader stats as of close of business on Wednesday August 11, 2010:

First Name Last Name City State Total SC Points
J. Bradley Washington PA 34
Dianna Jackson Highland UT 28
Terrell Murphy Huntersville NC 24
Josh Spencer Bolivar OH 15
Traci Morrow Glendora CA 13
Religious Works, Inc Lithonia GA 12
Rexann McConnell Herron MI 12
Dallas Carter Mililani HI 11
Blake Warrington Star ID 9
Jason Scheff Franklin TN 9
Lindsay Matway Tampa FL 9
Tricia Metzel Las Vegas NV 9
Jennifer Mitchell Sudbury MA 8
Connie Sanderson Ballinger TX 8
Pria Orth Beaverton OR 8
Deanna Kirkland Indianapolis IN 8
Tom Birkenmeyer Kenosha WI 7
Christi Andringa Verona WI 7
Eartha Haines Oceanside CA 7
Morgan Hildreth Las Vegas NV 7

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Trainer T.s Fitness said...

Congrats to everyone and good luck!