Monday, December 13, 2010

This Is The Job We Do

It's not easy to make fitness and health a priority. Our lives were not constructed to make it a priority. But this is what we do - it is our job as part of Beachbody and Team Beachbody. It is our job to live a healthier lifestyle, make healthier choices, and help others realize that they can do it too.

For me, since I was a kid I have been ambitious. I actually used to fantasize about running a bank from my very first desk. I can remember that desk like it was in front of me now. I used to dream of decorating my entire house in office furniture I loved the idea of working so much. When the other kids in school brought book bags and backpacks to the first day of 4th grade, I proudly displayed my black briefcase, complete with pens, pencils, band aids, and note pads. It surprised me that I was the only ten year old who carried a briefcase to school.

I am certain that my story, while freakish, is similar to your story, and the story of most people: There's something you would rather be doing than exercising and planning how to eat so you are healthier. Heck, it could even be this very business we do at Team Beachbody that upstages your ability to stay active!

But that has to stop. For me. For you. And if for us, then step by step, person by person, for the country.

Why do I think we have a problem with the national debt and economy in this country? Because we put consumption above consequence and taking care of ourselves. Why do I think we have a hard time getting our kids to eat healthy and stay active? Because we have been trained to maximize personal productivity and gratification rather than maximize vitality. Why do I think we are dealing with polluted water, air and soil? Because we can't expect a population that cares so little about its own personal health to care more about the external environment. And in a country where we should be living longer and healthier lives with the most amazing medical advances in the world and plentiful food and water, our life expectancy is actually going in reverse.

Need proof? According to a new report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Center for Health Statistics, the life expectancy for Americans has already fallen by about a month after steadily rising for years. Yes - fallen. unreal.

A baby born in 2008 will live to be about 77.8 years old, which has dipped since its all-time peak of 77.9 years in 2007, according to a preliminary report released Thursday.
(As written on AOL by Catherine Donaldson-Evans.)

So here's my point. We have spent a lot of time talking about building your business, personal opportunity for wealth creation, and the importance of overcoming fear and excuses to get out there and build your business. Today, I need you to think less about your business for a minute, and more about your health, and the health of the people around you. That is what this is about - and it MUST include you (and me) to be authentic.

If people around you are anything like me, they are less than pleased with the state of their fitness right now. Work won again. It happens to me every year, and I just don't feel as strong or fit as I want to be. I am not going to hang my head in shame about that, because I did some great work. But I am also not going to live my entire life for the future or as a slave to ambition. I absolutely am making my own health and the positive state of mind that comes with it a priority.

Right now you have a window of opportunity to make your commitment for 2011 and speak to everyone around you for the next 8 days. Orders received by December 21st should be delivered by January 1st in the continental US.

So now is the time to commit to fit clubs. Maybe even start a Facebook fit club, with the goal to help your immediate circle of friends - not the hundreds you have collected. but the people who are REALLY friends - the ones who you know you you can support, and invite them to work with you and keep each other accountable with once a week check-ins on Facebook. Encourage them to join the Team Beachbody club and log their workouts into WOWY so you can have a chance every day to win money. Post the WOWY winner in YOUR social media as if YOU are the one running the contest! Set a goal with your circle of friends for each month for the first three months of the year for a certain number of workouts and to report to each other when you hit milestones. Stay connected - not to talk about Mafia Wars and Farmville - but in helping each other achieve the lifestyle change that we all need to get more out of life and to feel better about life!

Do you hear me? It is important to shift into health mode. That's what we are about. It's important that we turn up the decibel level in our meetings and conversations. Start building commitments now. And as you share with people, ask them to help you spread the word, whether they are coaches or not.

I had an interesting experience yesterday when I thanked a friend of the family for an email she sent out to all her contacts. She is not a coach, but she was nice enough to send a note talking about how much she loves Shakeology to her entire email database, suggesting people order from her girlfriend who is a coach. Her note blew me away because it was purely about helping people.

If you know people who love Shakeology, or any of our workouts, if they don't want to be coaches, ask them to send a note like this out to their contacts with a link to your website so you can help more people benefit from the products that we all believe in so much!

Here's the letter she sent:

Hi all! I hope everyone is well and getting ready for the holidays... 2011 is just a few weeks away (gulp!). The point of this email is 2-fold:

First, I wanted to let you all know about the best shake on earth because I think you would love it! Those of you close to me know that my husband and I have had one of these shakes every single day RELIGIOUSLY for about a year and a half. My son
drinks it and loves it too. We can not say enough about how much we love it and are obsessed with it! The amount of whole-food sourced vitamins, minerals, vegetables, grains, roots, you name it, that are in this shake is phenomenal. Even my naturalist dissected it and tested it on patients and said he's never seen anything like it in over 20 years of practice. The cell rejuvenation, the weight loss, the amount of good ingredients (something like eating 6 salads)... it is like the healthiest meal you can have. It is so delicious too, by the way. It's the total busy mom drink- it gives me so much energy, I am loading up on tons of good stuff, and it takes away my sweet tooth.

Anyway.. I wanted to share my secret treasure with all of you since I think it's something that you would really love. I am not selling it (although I'm so obsessed with it that it sounds like I do!)... but if you guys do order it (or anything else through Beachbody... P90X, dvds, etc.) then PLEASE go through my friend _______. I will put her link below. She is one of the most wonderful people on earth, and a phenomenal single mom of two little girls. If anyone deserves the support it's her. I would love everyone to drink the shake regardless, but if you are going to buy it you may as well support a deserving dear friend at the same time!! Also, feel free to forward this to anyone who may want to know about it. The more people the better! It's like passing along the gift of health! ;) This is the link to use:



I am asking you to recommit to your fitness and generate 5 sales between now and December 21st - get 5 people to commit to their health program by Tuesday 12/21. Talk about how easily and effectively Shakeology can help them get back on track for them and their family. And make sure you are committed too!

This is the job - We need to live healthier lifestyles, and we need to help other people realize that they can do it to. It's not hard - but it's also not impossible!

I am not willing to accept a lower life expectancy for my kids. And I am not willing to build my business at the expense of how I feel physically. This is a big deal. Nobody but WE are talking about this with this kind of ferocious caring for the real fundamental well being of people.

All the tools are in place. Team Beachbody has what we need. The social media utilities make it easier than ever to connect with people and stay accountable. We have the best fitness and nutrition products in the world. But we have to make it a priority to do it, and talk about it, and invite others to do it with us.

Let's ask our friends and families - if they don't want to be coaches, would they help us get the word out ? Now is the time to get started. 2011 is the year to succeed.

Let's get excited about how good it feels to move and eat better and take care of ourselves. You are an ambassador of vitality, and I am proud to work with you.


Eugene Herbert said...

I love this post Carl and your commitment to serve our country through fitness and health.

Mark Pesnell said...

Carl, I wish there was a way that military members could use your products in small group or limited settings to promote fitness and military physical readiness. I understand the copyright limitations, but it seems to me to fall into the "right thing to do" category for the military men and women who serve our country.

Danny said...

It should be a priority for everyone. Great post Mr. Carl. Perhaps I can translate it to spanish if you have the audience. P90X en EspaƱol was a great idea!

Janet Denison said...

Well said Carl!
That's why my team is focusing on a fitness and health "contest"...focusing on getting more Testimonies on how people's lives have changed in 90 days!
Because of 2011, I'm calling it the "11 People, 11 Journeys, 11 Testimonies,...11 Winners" challenge. If I get more then 11..I won't stop there!
This is what BeachBody/TeamBeachBody is about! Not just the money, not just the business...but supporting people in their journeys toward better health!
Thanks for posting this Carl. You're the best!
"The Hat"

Chris said...

I have seen Beachbody make a tremendous difference to the people I know, I only hope that everyone can continue on this path and we can really make a big difference!

Anne Dovel said...

Exactly right, Carl. Thanks! Anne

ilovetosweat said...

Thank you for leading the way, Carl. 2011 is going to be a remarkable year, and we ARE going to make a difference!

Fran Patoskie

Yosie0721 said...

Thank you for your vision and your leadership...


Kai said...

Wow! Carl I will definitly strive to apart of the Solution in this world..thank you for the vision and passing the torch :)

Christelle said...

Thank you for your vision and passion for this company. May God richly bless you and your family.

Mirdza Hayden said...

Now is DEFINITELY the time to help people all across the U.S get fit and healthy. I'm proud to be a BeachBody coach and help spread the news that this company offers the most amazing fitness program and shake I've ever seen. Thanks for building this business and making us a part of it.

Tom Hirt said...

Thanks Carl for putting the focus on Health! I agree that has to must be the goal if we are to be honest with ourselves and really help folks.

Coach Kai said...

Thank you Carl,for inspiring me and leading my example.