Tuesday, December 07, 2010

WOWY Winners - Win Big For Sweating Off The Holiday Pounds!

The Holiday Season is officially upon us and these lucky winners received an extra gift from WOWY! They scored awesome prizes and you can too...if you log into WOWY! Track your fitness, keep yourself from packing on those Holiday pounds and you might win big like these people did!

11/21 Elyana Smith won $1,000

11/22 Mike French won $300

11/23 Angela Marruffo won an Apple iPod Touch

11/24 Jennifer Tellers won $300

11/25 Bettina Reed won $300

11/26 Michael Bigler won an Apple iPod Touch

11/27 Heather Guith won $300

11/28 Michael Bigler won $300
(No, it's not an error - just amazing luck!)

11/29 Chris Drost won $300

11/30 Misty Trevino won $1,000

12/1 Josh Nicholson won a Toshiba notebook computer

12/2 JP Ruyle won a Flip Mino HD camera

These people signed into the WOWY Super Gym to lose weight, get fit and find support - and they won big for doing it! You could be next, but you've gotta log into WOWY to be in the game!

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Tanya said...

yay congrats winners!!