Wednesday, December 08, 2010

What Are We Doing Today?

We have the solution to the obesity crisis right in front of us. It's Team Beachbody. Unemployment? How about people who have been shocked to be sidelined by the economy take matters into their own hands this time and build a revenue stream helping people get healthy and fit? A revenue stream THEY control and own. Team Beachbody.

The activity being created right now by Team Beachbody coaches is heroic. People are getting fired up about healthy gift-giving this year. That has a ripple effect as people make healthy (and more responsible) choices at parties, kids see their parents making healthy choices, and communities realize that the days of "oh what's the harm in a cupcake party?" are over. Schools are signing up to be coaches. Churches are signing up to inspire their communities to steer their resolution spending decisions in the way of health and fitness and getting a share of that spending in exchange. It's happening, and Team Beachbody is THE group of people making it happen!

Direct Sellers (network marketing people) from leading companies are looking at not just the income potential, but the heart and mission of what our Team Beachbody coaches have, and signing up to be apart of something bigger. (We'll see if they get it with the same level of caring that you have. Hope so.)

Team Beachbody Scam? Beachbody complaints? Shakeology price? Competitions between our shake and that shake? All those things others post about us are smoke screens, straw men set up to take your eye off the ball. Don't be fooled. They have forgotten to look in the faces of the success stories who transformed their lives. They have forgotten the power of millions of dollars of media per week driving tens of thousands of people per day into the business - all who need coaches.

Anyone trying to pirate or steal P90X or bit torrent TurboFire doesn't realize they are actually undermining a movement to get millions of people healthy and fit. Time to look beyond the petty considerations of simply "the cheapest", and look at "most effective for the price", and "what contributes not just to me, but to solving the whole obesity issue". Sometimes there's a reason things are structured and priced the way they are -- because they cost more to manufacture because they really are, simply, better. Team Beachbody.

We know what we are about, and the evidence continues to pour in.

We will end the obesity trend. We will obliterate childhood obesity, and we will put people back to work creating fortunes more lucrative than they have ever imagined for themselves. And we will do it with compassion, service, and huge satisfied smiles on our faces, because nothing feels better than helping people achieve their goals to lead healthy fulfilling lives. Nothing feels better than that.

I am proud to work with you Team Beachbody. I am on it today. Big moves. Big decisions. Aggressive growth plans. No stopping. No slow down for the holidays. My mission is clear, and my commitment is unshakable.

"Decide. Commit. Succeed."

On it.


Allan said...

Couldn't be more proud to be apart of this incredible company! I'm not stopping. My team is not stopping! We have lives to touch,many lives to touch! See you at Summitt!

Anonymous said...

Inspirational, heartfelt and authentic.

Thank you, Carl! You are truly our fearless leader! I'm so proud to be a part of Team Beachbody and this is a perfect example why.

Burgdogg said...

Awesome words of encouragement. I look forward to many more, and building a business of freedom with you and the others out there. 1 Million Coaches here we come!

Anonymous said...

WOW - I teared up reading this! I am so moved by BeachBody and everything it has to offer! WE WILL WIN this obesity trend and overcome the fact people are digging their graves with a fork!