Monday, February 14, 2011

"Scout It Out" Leaderboards - February Halfway Point!

We're at the halfway point of February's "Scout It Out" Challenge! Will you be one of the 3 coaches in February who lead in Success Club points and gets to help us decide where the 2012 Success Club Incentive Trip will be?

We're taking the top 3 Success Club qualifiers from each month* in January, February and March to help us "Scout It Out" for us on our luxury site inspection trips!

If you're in the Top 3 in February, you'll be going to Banff & Lake Louise, Canada! The Canadian Rockies will serve as the backdrop for your Beachbody Wilderness Adventure, including skiing, snowmobiling and sledding, plus luxurious spa treatments and fine dining at one of the world's most majestic resorts, The Fairmont Banff Springs Resort.

9 Coaches total, plus their guests will enjoy 4 day, 3 night luxury vacations (3 winners will go to each one of these choice locations). If you win, you'll get the star treatment as you help decide which will be deemed worthy of pampering our Coaches in 2012. Once the scouting trips are complete and we get feedback from everyone, the final location will be announced at Summit 2011.

Currently, J. Bradley is in 1st place with Wayne Wyatt in 2nd. Josh Spencer is in 3rd, but he already won in January, so that's good news for Kenyon Sills and Jeannie Young, who are tied for 4th! Victor Csakany is in 5th place, while Anthony Furtado is in 6th. Then we have an 11-way tie for 7th place. I wonder how long that's going to hold? (My bet is we'll see some people break out of the pack for next week's rankings!) How do your Success Club points stack up against this week's leaderboard?:

First Name Last Name Total SC Points Rank
J. Bradley 52 1
Wayne Wyatt 30 2
Josh Spencer 16 3
Kenyon Sills 13 4
Jeannie Young 13 4
Victor Csakany 12 5
Anthony Furtado 10 6
Holly Meredith 8 7
Blake Warrington 8 7
Lora Smith 8 7
Rovil Mojar 8 7
Paul Lancaster 8 7
Stacie Miller 8 7
Megan Hanson 8 7
Monica Gray 8 7
Jon Goodman 8 7
Michelle Myers 8 7
Adam King 8 7
Kathy Pellissier 7 8
Dallas Carter 7 8
Colleen Linder 7 8
Rhonda Bates 7 8

*Results are as of 2/11/2011 and are pending final verification that all qualifications have been met.

We still have half of February left, so there's still time! Keep building your team, earn those Success Club points and qualify for Success Club 5 or Success Club 10 and you might help us decide where we go to celebrate your success in 2012!

In order to qualify for the Challenge you must,

(a) Meet the Success Club 5 or Success Club 10 Qualifications for one of the Qualification Periods within the Challenge Period, and

(b) Be one of the top three (3) highest overall Success Club Point earners within the Qualification Period in which you have met Success Club 5 or 10 qualifications.

Full Success Club Challenge Official Rules, including how to earn Success Club Points, qualifications for Success Club 5 and Success Club 10 rewards, and a full description of Success Club rewards are available at:

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linderchase said...

Wow, that made my Valentine's Day just making the list. ;0) Thanks Carl for making my life more then meaningful. I love my new job & glad to of fired my unacceptable boss, besides my new boss is so much more appreciative! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.