Saturday, February 26, 2011

Total Wellness Trandformation: Hank's Journey - Miles To Go

The Diary Of The Next 50lb Weight Loss

Hank here.

What happened to this week? You factor in a holiday and an extra day off and you've got a very short week in which to get a lot done! It was short and sweet and kind of a blur.

It's Oscar weekend and people are talking about which stars have the best bodies and what their fitness regimen is and how they maintain it. A friend of mine said, "Well, if my job was to look good on camera and have a smokin' body, I'd have a team of trainers, too! I'd be in the gym 4 hours a day, just like all these celebs."

I chuckled, because I think that a lot of people share that same perception; that it takes an entire team to craft and maintain a fit, toned, camera-ready body. Not always true. It can be as simple as a DVD player, some discipline and the right tools. I know for a fact that many celebrities, athletes and people in the public eye use Beachbody programs instead of a team of trainers. They use them because they work.

But, in order to get the results, you have to put in the work. I tell myself this daily. As I said last week, it isn't easy, it's not always fun, but it will pay off. If you're disciplined, if you eat clean, if you commit to it, then you'll reap the benefits.

Here's an example: I went to see a friend's band play the other night, so I figured I'd eat at the club, since I didn't have a chance to go home first. We sat down and I looked at the menu and there was very little in the way of healthy options that would keep me on track. So I asked the waiter if I could get the burger plain & protein style and swap out the fries for a mixed green salad. He assured me that was no problem. When our food came out, I had a burger fully loaded on a huge brioche bun and a mountain of fries - but no salad. Uh-oh.

Now, it looked good, but I found myself disappointed first and foremost because there I was, trying to be diligent about eating clean and I was getting no help from the restaurant. It was very busy and our poor waiter was slammed, so instead of sending it back, I just performed a little quick surgery.

Away went the bun, all the mayo and sauce got scraped off, the lettuce got salvaged and - presto - my protein style burger! The fries went uneaten and, thanks to some quick thinking, I stayed on track. I realized after the fact that it didn't really occur to me to just eat it as it was, fries and all. Not too long ago, that would not have been the case, so I'll mark that in the "progress" column.

I've changed my thinking, my habits, my behaviors. I seek out healthier options, I cook at home more than I go out - and that's healthier for me and my wallet. I feel like I'm on my way. It's all part of the journey. I'm getting there, but as the saying goes, "we've got miles to go before we rest." I'm down another 2.2lbs, which brings my total weight loss to 61.6lbs! Wow.

Time for my workout and Shakeology!

Until next time,

Footnote from Carl: That story of the burger showing up is herculean. I don't know if I would have had that kind of discipline. Wow. Hank, man, you are a rock! Well done, and here's to knocking down the next 50!


David Kaiser said...

Carl-is hank coming to summit? I have to meet him!

Anonymous said...

What is Hank's blog?