Thursday, February 17, 2011

World Premiere Of P90X: The Reason!

The new P90X show "The Reason" starts airing this weekend, but I'm not going to make you wait that long. You get the world exclusive premier right here, right now!

Check out all three segments and watch the amazing testimonials from our customers who overcame the excuses, and give us a glimpse into their lives as they speak candidly and share the reason that made them decide to make a major change, commit to following P90X program...and ultimately succeed.




With success stories from soccer moms to rock stars, P90X has already helped millions of people change their bodies and their lives - and thanks to the hard work of our Team Beachbody coaches, this fitness revolution is just getting started!

If you're done making excuses and you're ready to join the P90X revolution and transform your body, your health and your life in just 90 days, then go to Get it, and bring it!


Bill Lurwick said...

It has saved my life after triple bypass surgery last October. Thanks to P90X, Turbo, and Shakeology, I've got my life back. Plus, with the support of my coach and BB friends all over the world, the rest of my life will be the life I was always intended to live. said...

I especially like the excuses the airline pilot, Micah, covers, & the young woman, Melinda, who talks about how we tend to get "comfortable" with our out-of-shape body.

And the woman turning 40, Tiffany, who covers the myth of bulking up, which she clearly had not done, that women fear. I've even heard that concern from my 30 year old daughter!

Then there's Taylor, the guy who said he had to stop half way through the 1ST workout cuz; he felt like he was about to pass out... but he didn't quit because of that! He kept at it & now he looks incredible!

Anyone can say, "I sat on the couch all week." uh huh. How about, "I just finished day 90 of P90X." Now THAT says something about your character & the respect you have for your yourself, your body, & those who love & care about you.
Awesome job!

Steve said...

Beachbody did it again!! This infomercial is phenomenal. I honestly didnt think you could top the last one, but you did. I watched these with a friend and she literally had tears I'm her eyes when Melinda started talking about her daughter.

Amazing job Beachbody!!!

Coaches Chris and Tekoa Garrett said...

amazing! The success stories keep getting more and more amazing! I wish we had our pictures and story ready for this one... but we will have it for the next! I love how this show showed how real this program really is. Nicely done!

Chad said...

Great new show. I can't wait to catch it on TV.

Carl - You mentioned this is the fifth show.

I know the most recent ones are "the proof," "the answer," and "the reason."

I ordered mine from the show that featured some of the founding coaches plus your testimonial and John's testimonial. What is the fifth one? Are the older ones available anywhere online?

- Chad

Carl Daikeler said...

There is some dispute over the show numbering. The first show was pure test group, and went through over 20 revisions before we got it to rollout. The eventual rollout (almost two years after the first test) some called show 2 because it had changed so much from the original.

Jhereg said...

It would be great to have an iphone app to track workouts etc.

Daryl said...

Hi Carl. I'm from the Philippines. I was able to get a copy of p90x through my relatives in the US who visited here for a while. Now I'm not in contact with them anymore and I doubt if they're coming back back here in the near future. The problem is that I want to buy some (actually, a lot) of recovery drinks and bars and shipping is not available outside US and Canada. said...

Daryl, you could have your family in the US make the purchases for you & then ship it to you.