Monday, February 28, 2011

WOWY Winners Sign In To Cash In!

It's March and that means Spring is coming - and so is the countdown to swimsuit season! You need some extra incentive to get bikini ready? How about some cold, hard cash from the WOWY Super Gym? What other gym gives you can give you greenbacks and prizes just for getting fit?!?

Simply sign into the WOWY Super Gym and track your workout! It can be any physical activity - it doesn't have to be a Beachbody fitness program - you just need to be a member!

You can build your personal profile, plan your healthy meals and even find workout buddies to give you the support and motivation you need to stay on track and get ready to strut your stuff on the beach in just a few short months!

Check out the most recent winners in WOWY:

2/13 Amanda Scoby won $300

2/14 Janice Brickwood won $300

2/15 Shawn Powell won $1,000

2/16 Cory Lawrence won $300

2/17 Christine Bruske-Hitch won an Apple iPod Touch

2/18 Melanie Anderson won $300

2/19 Lisa Boydstun won an Apple iPod Touch

2/20 Christina Jaeger won $300

2/21 Richard Nagle won an Apple iPod Touch

2/22 Malone Tuten won $300

2/23 Shayne Tarrance won $1,000

2/24 Amy Friedman won $300

2/25 Joe Poliseno won an Apple iPod Touch

2/26 Scott Shoup won $300

2/27 Camille Cooper won $1,000

Plus, our Beachbody employees get fit with WOWY too! We're giving $50 each day to a randomly selected employee winner for working out with WOWY. Congrats to these Beachbody Employee WOWY Winners:

2/14 Elizabeth Brion

2/15 Carrie Dobro

2/16 Kevin Huang

2/17 Lisa Lyons

2/18 Ryan Amasaki

2/19 Lauren Gallgher

2/20 Brad Ramberg

2/21 Cesar Sagastume

2/22 Jeanette Corcuera

2/23 Dominique Tan

2/24 Lynette Perkins

2/25 Den Krischer

2/26 Alexis Beamon

2/27 Steve Winshel

2/28 Angela Dobbins

These people logged into the WOWY Super Gym to lose weight, get fit and find support - and they won big just for doing it! You could be next, but you've gotta be a member of Team Beachbody and log into WOWY to be in the game! You can't win if you don't sign in!

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