Saturday, February 12, 2011

Total Wellness Transformation: Hank's Journey - Love

The Diary Of The Next 50lb Weight Loss

Hank here.

I had a great week - it flew by because it was so busy. At work, time doesn't seem to exist. I'm at my desk by 8:00am, I look up and it's 1:00pm, then I blink and it's 6:00pm. Time flies when you get to do what you love!

Speaking of which, I'm thinking about love this week - and not just because it's Valentine's Day. I'm grateful for the love in my life - old and new. The love of and for my friends, family and colleagues that has always been there. More importantly, I'm grateful for the newfound love of better health, of clean eating, of increased strength and just being more in touch with myself.

I love getting up early, working out hard and getting it ou
t of the way. I love being able to push myself every day to do a little more, a little better. It allows me - no, it empowers me - to start my day on a high note, to already accomplish something before I even leave the house.

I love eating clean. It's great to be able to go out to
restaurants and proactively make healthy choices instead of being tempted by the bad stuff. It's also great because every once in awhile, if I want a treat, I can have one because I'm working hard and it keeps me on track. Thanks to lack of time and discipline, a burger and fries used to be the go-to meal. Now, they are a rare treat at the occasional reward meal, but frankly, I don't really have the craving for it anymore.

I love having to buy new clothes because my old ones are literally hanging off of me. I love seeing muscle grow, develop and take shape. I love feeling stronger, having more energy and more clarity.

I love the small validation I get when I run into people who haven't seen me in awhile and react to the progress I'm making. It makes it easier not to focus on the numbers on the scale and get frustrated by the little things. I may not notice the changes or think they are as drastic as they apparently are, but others are noticing.

I love being able to stay strong and focused. There are days when that alarm goes off well before the sun is up and the last thing I want to do is get up and workout. Instead of hitting the snooze bar, I take a moment to give myself a pep talk. I remind myself that no, it's not going to be easy - it takes work and discipline to achieve something.

I think about the results I've already achieved and the results I'm working toward. I ask myself "if I choose to skip it today, how will I feel mid-morning?" Then I decide that I don't want to disappoint myself and I get up and hit it hard. I think about all the Team Beachbody Coaches out there and all the people they are inspiring and helping and that gives me the fire I need. And this whole internal dialogue takes about 30 seconds. (I know because I just had this dialogue this morning, ha-ha.)

And I love the feeling of finishing my workout
and looking in the mirror while I brush my teeth and feeling accomplished because I showed up, I put in the work and I am enjoying the rewards of all that hard work.

So I encourage you to celebrate the love in your life - especially the love for yourself. It's been a game-changer for me. Speaking of which, I'm changing the game up a little this week. Instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale, I'll tell you that my pant size has dropped 8 inches in the waist.

I was trying on jeans this week and was shocked to see that I had to keep going back and getting smaller and smaller sizes because I've lost so much weight. My body is transforming to the point that I even had to change fits. Loose fit jeans left me swimming, so it's now regular and boot-cut fit for me.

I hope you have a great week ahead. Remember to celebrate yourself and all the love in your life!

Until next time,

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